Track Layout Corner Radius

Amongst all the tracks in the game, and all their corners / turns, what is the smallest radius one would encounter?
Throwing a guess out there 0.1 miles?


No idea

Great question Kitty…I’d have to look at a couple of maps for those tight corner tracks! Yet, that last corner at Spa, along with a couple of corners at Yas Marina do ring a bell.

Long Beach hairpin?

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Oh yeah…I forgot about that one!

I’ll see if I can find some accurate maps to scale of those tracks.
I want to calculate centripetal forces based on my speed and laterals.
I have all the calculations in place, I just need corner radius, so I know how fast I can take the corner with the tune setup.

Sounds like your having some fun Kitty! Good luck buddy! I have several maps, which all cam via Google and Wiki.