Too much grip - how to make cars drive on ICE


When just cruising around I want my car to have less grip (for more fun) more like driving on ice! I’ve tried tuning tire pressure to full, but is there a better way to lose grip more often on all four wheels.

Anyone with a tuning tip?

I wish we had “slidey cars” like in GTA V, lol… but less can do it - just need to find out how…

Any good advice, guys?

Benjamin, Denmark.

Well they did say the engine from FM5 will be tuned so that the grip level is more, Horizon has always been like that; this is an arcade(y) style game. But you can turn Traction and stability control off if you want the car to slide more, and GTA V is too arcadey for my liking. If you want that sort of handling in freeroam there’s always NFS rivals.

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Grip is perfect, I wish F5 was the same


I disagree, FM5 grip should not be the same as Horizon. Horizon does use the FM5 physics but they are tweaked to be more forgiving which fits the nature of the game. I wouldn’t want cars to be this easy to drive in a Motorsport title because that would be less realistic. Motorsport physics are closer to real life than what we get in Horizon and rightfully so as Motorsport focuses more on the simulation aspect.


I went back to Forza 5 the other day and oh my days it was like driving on an ice rink! You feel so disconnected from the road.


I agree, but what I notice even more is how sterile the environments feel compared to FH2. It’s like driving in a laboratory.

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Very true, there is no atmosphere in FM and it’s now starting to show.

Really? My experience is the opposite. There are now more roadside attractions in Forza Motorsport than ever (barbeque smoke, the wavy arm inflatable, balloons and confetti) with birds and helicopters flying above. That said, you put two and two together and you’ll realize this (among other reasons) is why Forza Horizon runs at 30 frames per second compared to 60 in Forza Motorsport. If that’s the tradeoff that has to be made to keep the motorsport title running that smooth, I’ll happily accept that … along with many other gamers, I am sure. Additionally, there’s a reason why Turn 10 decided there would be two separate Forza titles. Do you really want them to be so similar?


Agree 100% they went way to far with FM5, cars are seriously unrealistic.


Based on what? Have you raced cars around a race track? Everyday driving is a poor comparison because people don’t drive like how we race. When you make turns on city streets, you don’t take them at 70 MPH so you’re going to feel a lot more stable and grippy when making the turn at 20.


Yes I live 10 minutes from a UK track called Brandshatch, and yes I’ve driven some pretty neat cars around it.

I’m 47 now and I’ve been a regular visitor to the track since I was 7 years old, I couldn’t even begin to list the cars I’ve driven on brands both as track day and some serious hot lapping and a few good race meets.

Most recently I had a run in a 458 and trust me its brakes and grip far surpasses that of the 458 in forza and this particular 458 wasn’t in track spec, the physics in forza are too light.

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I’ve raced a GTR, F430, DB9, Gallardo, 911, Catherham & a single seat race car modelled on an F1 car…None of them felt like i was driving on ice.

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Don’t get me wrong - I love the physics, and would never consider NFS Rivals or anything like that. I love Forza and own every title since the good old days with FM2 an until now.
I got every assists off and driving with my Thrustmaster TX Wheel with clutch to make it as realistic as possible.

Actually I think the grip is pretty realistic when racing in FH2, but I was just talking about the grip when in free-roam and just cruising around - that’s were I’d like to tune my car for less grip.
As I said - I already tried with 50 PSI and small Street Tires, to make it slide more - but is there something more I could do to make it loose grip?

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Yea Horizons basically a simpler version on the physics engine of Motorsport franchise, to make the cars easier to handle at high speed and in general since the appeal is to more casual gamers, but if you look at the tuning descriptions it’ll say on the right if it’ll make the car lose grip or help it, adjusting camber or toe angle may help but i am not a tuner unfortunately

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Yeah, adjust the rear toe in by a few steps, then try it and see how it feels. That will make your car more likely to spin out. Or full negative camber to loosen grip. Put suspension settings all at full so there’s no give, which will reduce grip on rough surfaces and bumps too.
There are plenty of ways, just look for tutorials on improving grip, and do the opposite!

I’m surprised nobody has asked yet: what assists do you have turned on?

He’s got them turned off, in post 4

Mess with the anti roll bars, springs, and damping as well.

Power, power, POWER!!

Add mo’ horseyz

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Yes, exactly this. What you need is “shouting, smoking, and MORE POWER.”

Have you installed all 16 optional turbochargers?