Tie auction house pricing to real world value

The value of some of the cars has gotten to the point of being ridiculous.

For example, currently, most Lucid Air Sapphire’s sell on the auction house for 20 million, despite average value being around $250,000 in real life.
Likewise, The 2010 Nissan Tsuru is also 20 million most of the time, despite being around $4,000 to $8,000 in real life.
Another example is the 2023 Nissan Z. Despite the fact the car can be brought new for $43,000, and fully maxxed out, being nearly 70k, Nearly all the examples on the auction house are 20 Million too.

I believe this prices out a significant portion of the community who might not have the time to obtain the credits required or might want to take a break from the game and get the cars later.

A possible solution is to assign a real world base value to the car and increase the price according to a percentage determined on value (with a maximum, to prevent hyperinflation)

For example, with a maximum of 500% increase:
Lucid Air - 250,000 Credit value - 1,500,000 Maximum
Nissan Tsuru - 25,000 Credit value (to account for the fact it is a playlist car) - 150,000 Maximum
Nissan Z - 65,000 Credit Value - 390,000 Maximum

I think this will solve one of the biggest problems with the auction house, since prices will be dynamic to their real world rarity.

No thanks. Good explanation posted recently on how the ah prices work.

Gt7 tied in game prices to real prices and was slated for doing so

Completely disagree. The reason it didn’t work in GT7 was because of sony trying to sell microtransactions. Plus the way the auction house works is fundamentally flawed because there is no upper limit to how high cars can sell.