Auction House - lower max prices or remove Auction House

I think we need a rethink on how the auction house works. Anyone who plays the game for fun but cant always be on to get the “newest” added cars ends up not even being able to get one because of the people who have hundred of millions and even bots that snatch up the 20 million dollar cars. I believe the Auction house has overstayed its welcome because its just a breeding ground for over collectors that just want to “Flex” that they have multiple of a rare car that doesn’t tend to come up on the Forza monthly. Either cut the max price of 20 to maybe 10-12 mil so that the regulars can have a chance to get SOMETHING, or remove the auction house and make a better way for people to collect the rare cars.

Personally I agree with the current system in the auction house. Its rare why not let it go high. Even for “regulars” its just how the cookie crumbles if anything they should make it higher. Its like for example your hunting for a rare pokemon card that only one exists. You find it and it costs to much as its rare and your asking to buy it half off.

These hard to find cars take typically 10 minutes to earn thats it and theres typically one a week. And credits are already fairly easy honestly.

That being said I do agree about removing the auction house but they still have to make the cars rare somehow (these new rare cars are typically what keep people focused on the seasonals)… but not unicorn rare (If you are a legacy player you know what I mean)

It easy to “agree” with the current auction house system when YOU arnt one that being affected by its outrageous pricing. You probably have an average money amount of 40-50 mil while most can barely average 2 mil.

Yes, rarity matters, however, this is a video game, not real life. That is honestly one of the worst kind of excuses because the entire point we play this game is to drive cars we really want but cant obtain, so real life “Inflation” standards kind of seem counter-intuitive to the point of the game. Lets use a 2020 Nismo GT-R for an example here, as it is a very liked car. Lets say someone was on a buisness trip the week it came out, is it really fair to them to never get a chance to get one because they cant be found on the auction house? I think not. Pretty much all Im saying is that it is easy to agree from the unaffected side of the problem.

Before the money glitch they popped up every now and then.

But that aside. I also don’t like the exclusivity stuff. But PGG wants to keep player activity up and they do this over the playlist. I could imagine the cut they get from the gamepass is dependend on how much FH5 was played in relation to other games.

Maybe its just because I am a legacy player, but credits are far to easy to obtain in FH5 imho. Back in the day it used to be extremely difficult.

Rarity/Exclusive/Desired Cars are what keep people interested in the playlist. If they were super cheap or readily available nobody would do/use the festival playlist.