Thrustmaster TX Shifter going to rear view?

Okay, so sometimes the stupid thing works awesome. Then occasionally I shift up, and it goes to the rear view, and no shifting happens. Any idea whats up?


I got a similar problem using the Thrustmaster 458 Spider (without FFB). When I switch on a controller, what I have to do due this wheels quality isn’t that good and my D-Pad doesn’t work right, my wheel sometimes looses its default mapping and I also got rear view showing up instead of shifting up, I think think the left shift paddle does trigger a handbrake for me. All I can do is to quit Forza and start again. I think I got an annoying workaround for this. Before starting a race I select the track etc. on my controller and before I push a with the wheel I switch off my controller. When in race I can switch it on again and use it for tuning or moving around the menu.

Maybe this workaround works for you too.

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I will give it a shot. I also just updated the firmware on my wheel and controllers… I will see if that helps.

This happens if I am using the wheel and my controller. If I start a race using my controller it will mess up the controls in my tx wheel. If this happens then back out to the control settings if you where to change something using your steering wheel. And don’t change nothing and back out and you should be able to use your wheel with no problems.

Lots of folks having this issue… I have it myself just about any time I add or remove a controller while Forza is running.

My solution, which seems to work for me every time, is to back all the way out to the start screen (press B until you see the still image of the Ford GT taillight) and then press A on the wheel to start the game again.

the little startup process that it goes through seems to recognize the wheel properly. just be sure to keep any extra controllers plugged in if you plan to keep them on, so they don’t turn off from inactivity. this seems to trigger the issue.

I had the same issue but it’s because of the Xbox One Controller being on at the same time as your wheel and layout1 is affected.

This was from Thrustmaster FAQ website, you might want to try this for Forza 6 and see if it works?

Make sure that both your console and your game are up-to-date.
Step 1: Connect the headset to your gamepad.
Step 2: Power on the console with your gamepad.
Step 3: In the console’s menu, log in to your profile with the gamepad.
Step 4: Start up the game.
Step 5: In the game, press the A button on your racing wheel.
Step 6: Log in to your profile with the racing wheel.
Step 7: You can now access multiplayer mode with your racing wheel, and use the headset while playing using the wheel.

Please note:
To avoid the gamepad automatically switching to standby mode, connect the gamepad to one of the console’s USB ports using the USB cable or the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit.

My Xbox One Racing setup;
Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition
Thrustmaster VG TH8A Add-On Gearbox Shifter
Thrustmaster T3PA 3-Pedal Wide Pedal Set Add-On
Original stock Xbox One Gamepad controller w/Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

I still seem to have an issues where Forza 6 seems to forget my wheel and all of a sudden uses my Xbox One controller.

Question. Is it possible to plug the controller while batteries are in it? No rechargeables.

Yes the rechargeable battery pack uses a different set of pins in the controller, so the Xbox shouldn’t try and charge regular batteries.

This isn’t the fix - I have this issue when tuning with the control then going into a racing with the wheel on occasion. Like another said in here you have to back out to the main load screen with the Ford GT.

I never had those issues but i use wireless headset so i don’t have to use controller at all

I’ve had it happen in between races, in the same lobby, without touching my controller. Yes the controller was plugged in but, it had been for about an hour with no issues. Then 2 races in a row, stuck in reverse and upshift looks backwards. People in lobbies love when you back into them at the green flag.

Ok so I WAS having same issue with paddles changing to rear view mirror while racing and this was with the game pad plugged into usb port for chat on multiplayer.

Two days ago I updated my gamepads via the usb cable and fingers crossed so far no problems with my wheel going to rear view via paddles anymore.I dont know what the relation is but two nights now and zero problems.This was always happening to me on a nightly basis prior to updating gamepad.

So if you havent updated gamepad try it out and maybe you will get lucky.

Also prior to updating even though gamepad was plugged into usb port it would still go into standby but after updating it doesnt.So I killed two birds with one stone.

Medic 1…You sir deserve a medal. I would have never thought about updating the controller on the Xbox. But this seems to have worked. I played for hours last night with no issues. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I’ve never been on that long without the reverse/look back problems.