Thrustmaster TX FFB PC setup

I just finally got Forza 7 . I have full rig for Iracing with TX base, fanatec elite load cell pedals w clutch, TH8A shifter, Oculus rift.
So for Forza I need some help to setup the FFB on my TX base. There is to many setting in-game. Can you guys post setting?
My thrustmaster setting in control panel are 900 deg default everything else.
Thank you

All Deadzones: 0-100

Vibration: 0 (literally serves no purpose. Don’t use it)

Force Feedback: 200 (Don’t Change) (Master Slider for all effects)

Aligning Torque: 34 (This is the max you can run on a TX before clipping) (Master Slider for Mechanical and Pneaumatic Trail) (Mechanical Trail & Pneumatic Trail work more or less like a ratio).

Mechanical Trail: 175 (If you want more control over your oversteer, increase this.)

Pneaumatic Trail: 200 (if you want less feel when you understeer, reduce this.)

Road Feel: 0 to 66 (Never go higher than 66 because you’ll just start to overwhelm Pneaumatic Trail and get way too much oscillation) (Start at a low value like 5 or 10)

Dynamic Damper: 100 (Never Change)

Damper: 0 to 10 (I usually run 0 however never run more than 10. Reason for this is because if you run more than 10, you begin to slow the rotation of the wheel when the rear end breaks out. With damper on 10 and dynamic damper on 100, it’ll stop oscillations in a straight line but will reduce to 0 when counter steering a slide to prevent loss of rotation.

Centre Spring: 0 to 5 (Again, I usually run 0 but never run higher than 5. All this does is centre the wheel ever so slightly after a slide and prevent oscillation on straights. If you run too much, you cancel out dynamic FFB.)

Steering Linearity: 47 (Never change)

Steering Rotation: Any (lower rotation requires less damper and centre spring.

All control panel setting at 100 for the TX on PC and set your DOR to 900


Thanks for posting this guide EpicEvan… it’s been very helpful to me and I’m sure many others. I’ve always been a 540 DOR guy, but this combo has converted me on all but open wheel.