Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE F458 Wheel Vinyl Panel Stickers

Hi everybody how’s it going? :slight_smile: Just thought I’d show something I threw together that covers the button panels on the GTE F458 Wheel with the XBOX One button layout. I was thinking about making a bunch for possible sale on Ebay or something? Didn’t know if that would interest anybody? Also I could also maybe do custom work to the design if that interested anybody as well? Let me know, thanks :slight_smile:

Brian Blake




That’s a great idea. I doesn’t own a GTE wheel but I would be interested in buying those stickers if I got the wheel so long as they weren’t too expensive. Not sure how much demand there will be but I’m sure you’d have some buyers.


As for pricing I’m really not sure yet, I’m still trying to figure that part out. Since it’s not really difficult for me to print and get them cut on my Roland cutter, I just have to figure material cost. :slight_smile:


Definitely interested if the price is right. Although I have a problem with my rim at the moment (the D-Pad doesn’t work properly) and just raised a support request with TM. They want me to take videos etc.

Just need something to cover the prancing horse now!!!

Wow these are great. I’m interested for sure. I made my own with shipping labels and cut them by hand.

Sorry to hear about the cross pad not working…I had a similar problem with one of mine as well. I bought it through Amazon so getting a replacement was pretty easy. Anyways…

I worked out a rough estimate and I was thinking maybe $5.00 +shipping for a set of three (like in the picture). The sheet is about 6.5"x6". How’s that sound? Let me know, thanks :slight_smile:


more images: Ones with a Playstation layout - and also a Carbon Fiber background on it.

Lastly I was messing around with maybe some kind of center badge sticker to cover up the pretty little horsey. LOL


Center Badge

Here is the listing for the Vinyl Stickers. If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks :slight_smile:


I would love to order a set but you do not have any listed. Do you plan on making or selling more via eBay or PayPal?

Hi the price is good, but shipping cost to UK makes it an unlikely purchase for me.

My rum is being replaced on Tuesday :slight_smile:

Good luck with the replacement wheel. :slight_smile:

Is the shipping really that high to send to the UK for a something like an envelope? I had no idea.

I’m quite suprised at the shipping cost - is it not possible to send as first class mail?

Oh I’m sure I can…but I’ll have to check on if that changes the difference in shipping cost. I’ll let you know for sure.


I’ve ordered some of these - looking forward to receiving them. Thanks for sorting out international postage - will let you know when arrived and post feedback.

Hope you like them. When you do get the decals I’d love to here from you, and let me know what you think? This is really my first venture into selling something like this. So if you have an idea of where I could maybe improve or change something with the design, feel free to let me know! :slight_smile:

on Xbox Live my used name is ‘Deadmaxx’ just like my username here, so well havta race in Forza sometime. Also looking forward to playing Horizon 2, so I’ll be playing that for sure when it comes out.


I just noticed this thread - what a good idea.

I’m forever getting mixed up over which button is what. Anyway, just ordered a set.

Sure, no problem :slight_smile:

Same here… would love to buy you one!

Pleeaaaaaase :slight_smile:

EDIT: just mailed the seller, he adds a bunch on ebay… ordered mine :slight_smile:
Thank you soooo much!

I have more up for sale again - Feel free to message me if you have any questions :slight_smile: