Thrustmaster Ferrari GTE F458 Wheel Vinyl Panel Stickers

Hello, everybody! :slight_smile: Just letting everybody know I recently just sold my last set of decals on EBay last night. Thanks everybody for the purchases and kind words in EBay and in the forum! If anybody is still interested in getting their hands on the decals let me know and I’ll put up some more for sale, as soon as I’m able to print up a batch. Thanks. :slight_smile:


More decals up on EBay. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Just ordered mine! Can’t wait… so glad i found this… :slight_smile:

Featured very early on in an ISRTV review of the T300 :slight_smile:


I know this is a very old post but is it possible that you still have these? And would they fit a thrust master 599 evo wheel?