TX 458 Italia Wheel - anyone tried the Ferrari GTE or F1 wheels?

As above. I really like the force feedback of the wheel but not the wheel so much. Not a big fan of the plastic feel.

Has anyone got any feedback about using either of the available wheels? Plus does anyone know the the T3PA pedals will be available?

I have the GTE wheel and it is so much better! Doesn’t feel like plastic as its inards are metal! makes a night and day diff!

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Thanks for the answer - looks like I’m getting one then …

You are going to be happy! I actually bought the GTE add on first and after holding and dreaming , when I finally opened the wheel I pulled out that plastic stock one! I I swear I had to look and make sure they didn’t send me the cheap 360 version and not the tx!

So, has anyone tried the F1 wheel add-on? I’m not that impressed with the quality of the stock wheel so I’m definitely getting the GTE, but really want some feedback on the F1 wheel before I purchase.

I’ve only used my TX once as I’m waiting for the Basher adapter that will allow me to use my Fanatec Clubsport pedals. The stock pedals with this wheel are really poor in comparison (actually there is no comparison!) and not fun.