Thrustmaster Controller/Wheel Conflict

I emailed Thrustmaster about wheel/controller conflict so you can use the headset rather than the Kinect for voice com and apparently an update was release. Thrustmaster still has the old message about testing so I was surprised to get this response. I tried it and it works. Should sticky this for wheel users.

From Thrustmaster:

A Forza 5 update has been released on 19/02/2014.

This update has finally solved the conflict between the gamepad and the steering wheel, allowing the users to use the “chat” function via their gamepad.

Here’s what you need to do to be able to chat using your heapset and your gamepad:

  • Plug the Headset on your gamepad

  • Turn On the console with your gamepad

  • In console menu, SIGN IN to your profile with the gamepad

  • Launch the game

  • Inside the game, press “A” on your Steering Wheel

  • SIGN IN to the same profile with your Steering Wheel

  • With your Steering wheel, you can now access to MULTIPLAYER and chat with the Headset even if you play with a Steering Wheel

NB: If you want to avoid sleep mode on the gamepad (after 15 minutes of Inactivity) just connect the gamepad to an USB port of the console.

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Your Thrustmaster Customer Support Agent, Alex