Wheel user problem with headset

Hi guys!
Wheel user here, i have problem to get my headset to work. I have connected headset to my controller but it doesnt work. I can only comunicate
Thru Kinect , but i would realy like to use headset
Does any wheel user had The same problem?

Have you performed the controller update? If not, here are the steps to do so.

Have you also taken the right steps to use the controller and headset and the wheel at the same time.

Turn on your Xbox from the console button.
Attach your headset to your controller and turn it on.
Make sure you are signed in to your profile, then launch Forza.
Once you get to Forza’s start screen, plug in your wheel and let it calibrate.
Once it’s done, press A on your wheel. (It should ask you to confirm what profile you want to use.)
Choose your profile and you should be set to go by using your controller and headset to communicate and the wheel to drive.

Also, I know the default setting for the headset adapter is 50/50 game/chat. You may want to increase the chat volume a little if you can’t hear other players.