Thrustmaster buttons

I don’t seem to have side view buttons when using my thrustmaster tx. Am I missing something?

You’re not missing anything, I believe all wheels only have a backwards/forwards look

Pretty redonculus huh?

On pcars you are able to map the buttons however you like through the options menus, and therefore map “look left” and “look right”

I’m not sure if possible - ive only used the wheel several times on FM6 - maybe do that on Forza?

You can chose a controller setup layout that has them… It utilizes the paddle shifters though, so you must be using the TH8A shifter…

I prefer the TH8A for all but Indy style cars, so using the paddles to glance left and right works well for me…

Hope it helps!

Not really, haven’t had a problem as I can look in the car mirrors or in hood view see the rear camera and pinpoint where they’ll be as well as on the track map.

Thanks for this by the way, may have to make use of this or at least try this :slight_smile: