This is Forza Horizon 4 in 2024.. (Is It Dead?)


I’m not sure why I keep loading up FH4 every week, since annoyingly the playlists seem to be looping from just several months ago instead of going back to the start, yet I still do. At the very least I’ll run the Trial and do the easy weekly tasks, just for kicks.


Ranked drift rarely has enough players as well as ranked games. Seasonal games regularly has enough all day every day.


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“Rarely” is a very generous desciption for ranked drift.
Since the rivals fix we seem to be stuck in a loop of the same few series.
Glad to see Stevio mention FH4.


True, and freeroam seems much more active since the transition to game pass core.

We can try to create a discord chat or server and invite people to complete ranked drift and games. I too need to complete it and get Ford Capri FE.


I was a part of a group doing this. They disbandoned about 3 months back. I play fh4 a lot…so if you need someone and I am on I am willing to help if I can.

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I’ve had better luck on the first day of the series and once recently early morning on the first Saturday of the series.

I’m happy to help too whenever I’m on.

  1. Forza Horizon 4 Trophys This is the discord link. We are trying to do ranked drift and ranked games. Please join us here so we can plan and complete it.
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  1. Forza Horizon 4 Trophys This is the discord link. We are trying to do ranked drift and ranked games. Please join us here so we can plan and complete it.

Thanks for doing this!
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No problem. Happy to help. We still need to do ranked games.

Eliminator is very alive and I play it regularly but ranked free-for-all seems quite dead. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to complete a game of Eliminator for some time because it keeps disconnecting randomly. The game has suffered this problem from time to time since its release, but lately is happening frequently. It is almost certainly a problem server side.

I can usually find ranked free-for-all sessions pretty regularly, though it can sometimes take a few minutes. They’re certainly much more common than ranked drift.

I forget how it works but I seem to remember the higher rank you are, the longer it takes the game to try and match you with at least one other high ranked player.

I think they want the game to die so that they can pull it from Microsoft Store and Game Pass. The overlords want it to be broken to scare away the remaining players.

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Realdirtydan571 add me on xbox im down for ranked drift

Is it just me or does the trials nowaday took forever to load. I am at the PC Microsoft Store Version with a 500 mbit glas fibre connection and today I lost patience after more than 20 minutes waiting in the pre-racing screen.

I noticed it in the playground games so while ago where it is at least hard to find a gaming session for the seasonal events, but now the trials are no longer playable for me…

Come on what the… starting the trial 6:45 found a session 6:47 stuck in the pre race screen till I alt + f4 the game at 07:09…

My garage is full with 1000 cars, I have 999 999 999 credits, I only want to have some fun racing. But PGG won’t let me…