Star card for ranked teams


I have an urgent request. It’s about getting a star card for ranked play in Forza Horizon 4. There aren’t enough players for ranked Playground Games and ranked Drift Adventure right now. I declare that from today (Thursday) to Sunday, every day from 8:00 to 10:00 CET and from 20:00 to 22:00 CET, I will enable the search for a ranking session of my drift adventure. Apart from me, it only takes 7 other people to create a ranked drift adventure session. If you are interested in getting a star card for ranked games, I invite you to look for ranked sessions during these hours. If the action is successful, I will immediately let you know and next week I will think about ranking playground games. I will write about effects.

So far, no results. Every day, 4 hours of running the game and the search for the ranked session of the drift adventure is enabled. And nothing. You really can’t get 8 people together to complete one single adventure and get something that’s required to get a star card for ranked teams ? Poor that. The more that it is not important the place taken in the adventure but the point is only to pass it, get a ranking and meet the condition for the star card.

Sorry I haven’t been able to hop on to try and help you out. When I finally got it last week, I did it by playing on the very first day of a brand-new series. I figured that was my best chance since the most people would be playing ranked modes to fulfill the series requirement, and I found a ranked drift session very quickly. If you can’t find one before then, that may be your next best chance.

Thank you. If my idea fails, I will try at the beginning of the 61 series.

Series 61 starts today. Together with five other players, I will try a ranked drift adventure today, and if it works, ranked team games. We start around 16:00 CET.

Did you get a drift session?

Yes. One at 16:37 but only 7 players confirm - adventure not started. Second 9 minutes later where was 11 players. I got rank 20 and now I will be looking for ranked games adventures.


Glad to hear you finally got one!

Thx for You.

Happy to help with ranked games if you still need it. I managed to get into a drift session today too. I completed my star card back when it was much easier to get these reqs but it’s great still for the playlist.

Edit Still working on my reading skills. Signing up for games now in case your still looking.

Just in a ranked games. Took a while but everyone took it so seriously, wow!

OK. Yesterday I got session ranked drift. Now it is time for ranked games. If You also need such an adventure, I and my friends will start at 16:00 CET today. I think that we will keep searching for at least an hour and a half.