Ranked drift?

Started a new acc and is trying to get in ranked drift but it never find a session for it. Unranked works fine, even ranked racing works. But not drifting? Is it only for me or is that feature down ?

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By all accounts it’s not down, but it’s very difficult to actually find a session. Some people have mentioned needing to sit there and search for a few hours to finally get into one. It’s the only item I need to finish out every Star Card task, and I’ve been frustrated myself looking for the past couple of months. Hopefully if we’re both sitting there searching we can make it a bit more likely.

Make that three of us sitting randomly waiting. Only star card Item I have left as well.


It very weird since i can get in to unranked drift and its full of people, even ranked racing is full so there has to be some kind of a bug or its disabled for some reason.

I started playing fh4 just bec i missed ranked racing and drifting, and i missed that it was rwd and awd events

It’s been down for a while. I made a thread about it a few months ago. It’s annoying but it is what it is at this point.

Same here, plenty of un-ranked sessions but no ranked. Did some searcing and seems that an update a couple of years back caused it to give no xp/ league points if anyone quit/ dropped out of the session. Looks like this was never fixed so people stopped playing ranked matches (bug seems to be with drift and team games only).

Im trying to get both drift and team games for star card as well, so maybe we’ll get lucky…

Sorry but all these replies are not correct. The reason ranked drifting died is because it requires 8 players in queue to start. It used to be quite active until fh5 released and for whatever reason, everyone quit playing ranked drift adventure. It would easily be revived if the player requirements were reduced to 6 or less. It makes no sense the game mode with the smallest base of serious players requires the most players in queue to initiate.

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No, the only ranked game modes that were experiencing the issue you mention are ranked team games and ranked team racing. Trust me, if you were high rank in drift adventure, even a simple disconnect could set you back a week’s worth of rank points. Drift and free for all are the only actual functioning regulated ranked game modes.

Here we are in August 2023 and Ranked Drifting is still not working. I really dislike paying for a game and having features not available.

On a similar note, the waiting time in between events in any type of online racing is abysmal. Wait time of 15-20 minutes between events are standard. This is not acceptable.

if there is not enough infrastructure to support this element of the game, the developers need to either increase this or disable the function.


+1 :]

Attempting to get a ranked drift session going for the next hour. Hop on…


@Qi_Rae_Mau , @Rocketman99 I’ll be heavily playing FH4 this friday night and this weekend, HMU if you want to set up a time


Well, I wasn’t really home at all so I couldn’t join in. :frowning:

kinduf gave up; but if we have an active thread, i’ll DL FH4 again and am certain open to trying. @Rocketman99 & @LowlyCartPusher ← pm messages sent :wink:

@Qi_Rae_Mau I’d love to join in on the fun if you havent organized this already!

Under the advice of somebody on Reddit, I attempted to join a ranked drift Lobby the very day the new series dropped, and I was actually able to join one. There’s definitely a good chunk of players still going for this, so there might be chance if you try it between Thursday and Sunday when the Summer season drops. Not sure which times would be best.