What on earth is going on with Ranked Adventure? (FH4)

I’ve been sitting here for about 40 minutes waiting for Ranked Drift Adventure to start. I just did regular Drift adventure to qualify for ranked, but now it’s like it isn’t even searching for a session. I’d really like to get this done since it counts towards tomorrow’s playlist…

I haven’t found a session in four months. Only 24 people have been able to do ranked drift this series. Check the grandmasters list. One third of our drift GMs are league 20.
Opened a couple of tickets. They keep sending me a link to known issues page and say it’s on there but I don’t see it. Any new players that want to do ranked drift or games for the starcard objectives are out of luck I’m afraid.

What a joke. I’ve been waiting for 4 hours for one to pop up. And yeah, their ticket page is a complete joke. Everything gets marked as solved or has some super vague “solution” with no further help. Sad, it counts towards the playlist + I really liked ranked drift adventure

Thanks for starting a thread on this, I’ve been wanting to rant but didn’t want to be off topic. It’s not like they would have to buy a new datacenter to fix this, probably just need to reboot a server.