This game is absolutely ridiculously fun!

maybe a waste of topic but I had to spread my joy for this game! Considering I did pretty much everything in FH2 for 360 this game still gives me so much to do. It’s pretty astounding the differences. The casino style wheel in leveling up, taking pictures of every car, and the online is just so much fun. I’ve only had this about a week and i’m just playing it to death whenever I can. Never thought I would get this much enjoyment from it considering it’s not completely new to me… but wow it sure has.

getting the 15,000 xp from the airport as my car is spinning awkwardly like a missile in the air, in the rain hitting that… the feels lol

great job!


I’m glad you like it. It is a very fun game, isn’t it! It’s great to see a thread based purely on positivity. Thank you.

Want to race, do bucket list events, or just cruise around having fun? I’m game :smiley:

I second this - thanks for the post CVG.

got the game on day one for the 360 and although I enjoyed it for what it was it wasn’t til a month later when I got lucky on a scratchcard that I took the plunge and got myself an Xbox One with Horizon 2 ultimate and I have brought everything else I can extra, expansions, additional car packs after the car pass, even the treasure map and after all these months I still play at least 4 hours a week with the same enjoyment level I’ve always had from this amazing perfect Horizon game, considering its only the 2nd by Playground it will only keep getting better with each instalment, I will be preordering Horizon 3 as soon as its available ultimate edition.

Oh ya I will add you.
anyone that wants to add me can for this or 6 whatever, just lemme know if your from here i might not recognize you

and you’re welcome. Just felt like I needed to say this. I really didn’t think it would be that different (not starting a 360 vs one thing here, just saying)

Neverender-- I did that too and I did enjoy it. I’m thinking on the car pass but I know im getting storm island and Porsche down the line a bit. The forza 6 ultimate really comes in handy now because I got the 4 car packs not in the pass. plus the bonus porches, the select pack and other bonus cars I got gifted. Pretty set with cars for now but I might get the others…

I noticed one bucket list rally through the forest was soooooo much harder on one. Took me about 15 tries haha.