Things that would make Forza Horizon 5 more immersive

I’ve been playing FH5 for a few months now. I’m enjoying it but I notice a few things that I don’t like and kind of take a bit of fun out of the game:


  • You progress wayy too quickly in this game. You do a few races and you earn a new part of the Horizon Festival or you can choose to enter a new Horizon Festival. Sometimes even after just doing 1 mission (like the vulcano one). After only a few days of playing you will have unlocked every race and challenge on the map
  • You race against Drivatars of other players. This never improves immersion imo. I’d rather race against AI with custom names in single player
  • The game seems quite short. You do the Stories, PR Stunts, races and you’re done? Yeah, there are accolades now, but still, not everyone will go for those because only some will give you something useful like a car. Like I said, I’ve only been playing this game for a few months and I’ve almost beaten it. I only need to do a few Cross Country races and the Street Races, then the Goliath and I’m done. All PR stunts and collectibles have been done too.

My main gripe with this game is the quick progression. I think it would be better if the game followed the progression in FH3 and in particular the Hot Wheels expansion. I really loved that. You did a few races and you moved up a tier (or what it was called). You got new challenges, races and so on. Meanwhile you got the chance to win new Hot Wheels cars.

Or progress like in games as NFS Underground 2 where you had to take over certain parts of the map, beat bosses before moving to the next part.

FH5 should have really done something like that. Imagine if FH5 went a bit like this:

  • You arrive in Mexico and meet your old pals from FH4
  • You are informed that despite how good you were in FH4, there is now a new leader in FH5’s Horizon Mexico that they would love you to beat.
  • He has a gang that tops the leaderboards in each of the Horizon Festivals (Road races, Dirt, etc.)
  • They have cars with special liveries (optional but would be really cool). Maybe this is how you get the Forza Edition cars?? Sounds like a good idea to me :slight_smile:
  • You will start doing challenges, races and PR stunts to move up the ranks to finally beat one of his friends who tops the leaderboard
  • In the end you will have to race the leader in a pink slip race, if won, you win his car (obviously) and beat that Horizon Festival
  • Repeat until you finished everything and only the Goliath is left (which in its current state can be done much too quickly without having done the other big races)
  • Here you will race the leader in an ultimate pink slip race that has everything you have learned so far: road racing, dirt racing, cross country, twisty roads, long stretches. By now you have learned how to build such a car to challenge the leader.
    -You win the ultimate car from the leader and beat the game
  • Roll credits!
  • Finish some things you haven’t done yet (but not 90% of the game like now!)
  • Also you will not race Drivatars with player names, but in-game drivatars with FH5 names, maybe you’ll even get to race Haley! Something like this was done in Forza Motorsport. The last one I played was 4, where every driver had their own colour. The hardest one being the red cars driven by the infamous Rossi

This would make the game MUCH more immersive than it is now. Right now the only immersion you have is in the story missions or festival missions. It would also drastically improve the progression we have now in the game which is far too quick

I agree. I recall when the game released I knocked out most of the things you could do in the pre release week.

In addition to play Horizon 5 I’ve been playing Horizon 1 a lot lately just finishing the game last night. Now that game had decent progression and the whole game was much edgier. No doubt they couldn’t get away with some of the content that it had back in 2012 in 2022.

What do you mean?

Sounds like you haven’t played Horizon 1. There’s young women in very short shorts and high heels amongst other things. Too sexy for Horizon 5.

Sadly I was not able to play Horizon 1. I did get to play the FnF DLC of FH2. And a couple of years ago I was able to finally get FH3 and FH4

Something I really like in Horizon 1 is the 2 car challenge where you have a guy with 2 lights dropping his arms to start the race like in real life. Really makes it feel like street racing.

Yeah I bought a used X-Box 1s so that I could play Horizon 1, 2 & 3. You can still buy those game on second hand sites. I’ve got Horizon 3 on PC but it only works for a while before you need to uninstall and reinstall. That’s a lot of fun. Unfortunately I never bought the Hot Wheels expansion while it was still available.

Even in FH2 they girls in bikinis. It has seemed odd to me that no one is wearing swimwear in the beach locations (Playa Azul, Apex outpost, hotel verandas on the south coast).