TheTwistadOne48's Nascar paints

not sure if this will go over well, been painting since FM3 dont really post here much though. im not good at making decals I pretty much just get what I can off the storefront, however I do try my best with what I cant find. I am a big Jimmie Johnson fan so there will be alot of those schemes posted here.

2015/2016 Jimmie Johnson Power Of Pride

2016 Jimmie Johnson Red Vest

2016 Jimmie Johnson Red Vest Reverse

2016 Jimmie Johnson Kobalt Tools

2016 Jimmie Johnson Lowes

2016 Jimmie Johnson ProServices

2015 Jimmie Johnson Lowes Darlington Throwback

2015 Jimmie Johnson Lowes Red Vest

2015 Jimmie Johnson Lowes

2016 Martin Truex Jr. Furniture Row

2015 Jeff Gordon Rainbow Axalta

2016 Wrecky Spinhouse Jr Fastenal

2016 Ryan Blaney Motorcraft

Dale Earnhardt Sr GoodWrench

Dale Earnhardt Sr 1998 Daytona 500


Great job man! Loving the Furniture Row Camry. Will be clearing out some old unused liveries and picking these up.

very nice work so far.

added more schemes

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Holy smokes! I’m glad I stepped in to check your paints! Now I know where to send people asking for these paints! And you also saved me a lot of time that I could have spent on some of these paints. Amazing job as always, and it’s good to see that the NASCAR painters in the forza community are really stepping up for this expansion!!!

Keep them coming!!! :slight_smile:

man its an absolute honor having you post here lol, I wish I could post these up on the sharefront but since I mostly use your decals to make the cars I cant. it really does suck considering how much work I put in to all of these though cause a buddy of mine desperately wants that Blaney car from me

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you know how to grab the various logos, so that’s cool, but spend some time and isolate one at a time and enlarge it as much as possible.

Then start adding straight blocks, curves etc to cover the areas so you effectively reverse trace the item.

Then work on a different section, do the same. Saving each element as a seperate file.

When you have them all done for that one design.

Bring each element back in, place it in the appropriate spot, and it its layer order, then group them as one.

Bingo, you’ve got your final decal. You’ve prob done this already, but just work slowly at it, and the items will start to materialise in front of you.

It takes time at the start, but just build a store of decals for yourself.

Then you can use them freely on cars without the worry of having them locked.myour buddies will be able to grab them.

Just start small and work your way up.

That’s the advice the expert painters for NASCAR will give you. Ifs you get stuck, throw them a PM and see if they can help.

These guys are very friendly and helpful mate.

They look great, mow the trick is to make them shareable …


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One of these days, you’ll find the time to make the logos so you can share it. Until then, perhaps someone else can make it. I feel like new names pop up every day now with shared NASCAR liveries now that we have the NASCAR expansion in place. :slight_smile:

As for the honor part - I’m no different from anyone else here. I’ve just had an insane amount of time to make logos, and that’s usually the difference: available time to get things done.

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We’ve all traced somebody else’s logos at some point in Forza, and that’s a great way to get a feel for how to pick shapes and how to turn, skew, and resize them to get what you want.
I traced some decals back in FM3 and early in FM4, and then I was hooked on making NASCAR vinyls! Once you get it in your system how to pick and use shapes, the rest will follow. It’s all about finding a process that works for you.

I personally google to find a high def image of the logo I want to make, then measure it on the screen with a tape measure. At the same time (I have two monitors - one for the Xbox, and one for my PC) I use the Forza vinyl editor where I add the shapes in the same sizes as what I just measured, or make rectangles for odd shapes that I know will need to fit inside that rectangle. That’s the quick version of how I now make vinyls/logos.

I hope you find some time for it, because it’s quite rewarding. Until then, continue with your awesome looking replicas!


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The Sweed, Actual, MASCAR Painter and a few others are the ones to turn to for guidance in this arena mate.

Follow their lead and you’ll never look back.

And like Sweed said, it’s just a matter of finding how to use shapes, how to manipulate them, and then reuse them constantly within the logo so as to replicate and streamline the process.

The ones you’ve done here for your own enjoyment are a testament to the fact that you already know how to apply them, such as sizing, positioning, colour gore toon etc.

Now your next step is to simply begin your career in logo building. And please read that as logo, not Lego lol lol lol…

There’s one guy in here that has a s.hit load of logo groups for DLing.

Grab them and start isolating one at a time into a new file, the original will stay there. But with the new file, start building like Sweed said. One element set a time. Before you know it, you’ll have several done,.

If you want the guys details, just PM me and I’ll forward them onto you.

But make sure you always hit that “Like” button the moment you have them I. Your design folder. It’s the least we can do for our fellow designers.


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When I first started out painting, which was in FM5 I most certainly traced over other peoples logos… you know what… I still do that today as well. Don’t get me wrong, I have tons of my own logos that I’ve created myself but I’m not too proud to use someone else’s logo as an example… work smarter not harder!

The key to making a good design is having clean lines & attention to detail. For example, even spacing between layers/logos, trying to keep logos from going over lines such as door cracks as much as possible (sometimes you have no other choice), & finally taking your time & not rushing to get the design done as soon as possible.

The first thing I did was to build up a decent pool of decals/logos so that you have more material to work with.

There’s plenty other pointers, examples, guidance, etc… & I want you to feel free to contact me via PM here or shoot me a msg over on xbox live… my gamertag is my username here.

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See, people who are always willing to help a budding artist. Unlike some fractions, and even unlike real “artists” gaming livery artists are a breed amongst themselves.

Sure, there’s some who don’t want to share, or who berate newer designers/artists for using Forza letter-sets, and those who baulk at an artist “copying” their work…

But the true artist is the one willing to help others, guide the newer ones, and Idealy, set an example for others to follow.

You (read we) have several in here that have both the skill that’s been gained from route (doing and making mistakes rather than learning), we have those who have a true qualified skill base to pull from that own graphic studios and have gone to college/training to learn those skills, then apply them here.

Plus we have those that simply can’t stop themselves from helping others, even IF their health suffers for doing so.

Those are the ppl that make up what Forza Motorsport is about. You won’t necessarily find them in the forums of Horizon, Need For Speed, or even P-Cars to the same level that you’ll find in here.

That’s what makes Forza different, and what makes it stand out over the last decade…

To the OP, learn from them, and NEVER be afraid to ask the question, “how do I …” The only silly or stupid question, is the one that’s never asked…


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I think the decals on the front wheel well could do with being a bit smaller. They’re really wonky being stretched by the car’s body curve. I.E. look at the #3 paint. Otherwise I really like them.

thanks so much for all the feedback guys, ill give it my best I did go and make my own Lowes text. added my latest 3

“not sure if these will go over well” dude these are SICK!! Very nice work and I thank you for the time spent. Man that #3 Earnhardt is gonna be my go-to.