The Trial: Break The Ice bugged?

Hi guys,

I just finished this seasons the trial break the ice, i won all three races, our team won 2:1 but i still haven’t received my super wheelspin plus it still showing as co-op championship available? Could it be because in last race one of our team disconnected, we lost by points 1700 to 1350 but game still showed we won?

I’ve won this 3 times already but no Super Wheelspins.
We dominated the Drivatars 2-0, but we only had a 3 man team.

Maybe it has something to do with someone having there difficulty turned down and the game not bumping them up for this event.

This has been an issue since launch, if you do any seasonal event as a team or in PVP you will not get rewards. Create a support ticket:

This is not the case. Myself and a friend both set our difficulty to Unbeatable, she got 1st every race, I got 2nd, neither of us got any rewards, even the 5k credits.

What will happen if i create support ticket ? Will they fix it or give me my wheelspin ?

Hopefully they finally take notice and fix the issue, the more people who notify them of the issue, the better.

These online seasonal events haves been busted since launch in every season so far, and these posts haven’t been enough for them to take action yet.


This has also happened to me. I think I’ve done The Trial 5 times now, I’ve won 4 of them I believe. I’m not really interested in the Super Wheel Spin, I just want the feeling of fulfillment when the Season thing on the mission gets all nice and golden :wink: