No super wheelspins for seasonal coop championship, and other issues.

No matter how many times i win, i never got any super wheelspins for these events. Me and my team won twice at the lambo event, and won the new autumn championship three times now and i never got anything. The other “star based” seasonal solo championships’ rewards work just fine.

The other thing is that i only get buisness payout from Worlds fastest, but i finished laracer and stuntman buisnesess 3 days ago, still only worlds fastest gives me money.

I have connectivity issues as well, 75% of the time the game nags me with the message “couldnt connect to horizon life session” or something. A lot of the time matchmaking is stuck at “pairing to…” maybe 50-75% of the times, and sometimes after waiting several minutes i have to manually reset(start some event) the matchmaking.

Another issue is the hungarian localization is mostly fine, but in some cases less then functional, i have to watch english youtube videos about the forzathon weekly goals, because their terminology is all over the place, while on the map a sprint race is called “futam” or sprint, the weekly challenge refered to it as “közúti gyorsulási verseny” which means road drag race. Which had me do a lot of drag races until i had enough of not progressing the goal and investigated what the english version said. Last week it had an error in car category, the car category which it refered to doesnt exist in the game which had me really confused. I’d love to help the localization if its not a huge favor to ask, can you get me in contact with them, an e-mail adress would suffice.

Really really love the game but these things are hampering my experience.


I am having the same problem. Multiplayer Co-Op and PvP seasonal event rewards are not being given. I won 1st place twice in PvP seasonal events and never got the rewards.


I also did not get rewarded for finishing the Fall co-op seasonal championship. Our team won the first 3 races, but no super wheelspin. Does this ever work? I don’t want to bother trying again if the reward is always bugged.

As for the business stuff, only World’s Fastest actually counts as a business. You can see in your stats it will show “Businesses Owned - 1 of 1”. The other things like Laracer are just events to do, you don’t have to “buy” them up front like World’s Fastest Rentals.


Same problems for me. Have tried the current seasonal autumn coop multiple times, won it multiple times… did not get the reward however. At least for me the problem seems to be confined to this one event though. Didn’t have any trouble with the previous Lambo event in the summer season.
Am I doing something wrong when launching the event or is there a bug that needs to be fixed?

Yeah, didn’t get them either. Not the first week, not this time.

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Having the same issue here… Had issues trying to win the previous lambo one(Basicly like RNG with people). The rally monster one i won first go… and still no rewards. :frowning:

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Same here…

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same here, tried multiple runs at different difficulty settings for Drivatars from Highly skilled to Expert.

No Completion and Super Wheel Spin.

Please Fix this!

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I’ve had the same issue for all the online mode, co-op, pvp and ranked team adventure. I don’t get rewards and the game doesn’t even register that I’ve done the co-op. In ranked team adventure a win gets me 0 ranking points.

Ya me and my friend last night tried to do the 007 thing like 6 times and neither time we got the awards. We switched to other seasonal coop events and we didn’t get the super spins either. Are the Devs aware??

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Ya this has been happening to me too! Are the Mods aware?

Me and my friend have the same problem. I think everyone has this problem and I hope it will be fixed with the next update.

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Still not working here.

How is there no response on this issue anywhere?
These seasonal things are like the most important activities that you would want to do coop in this game and it’s not working. I want to play with my friends but want these wheelspins and am being forced to play solo now.

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Yeah, it seems broken. I have beaten 2 seasonal events yesterday in co-op with a friend and we didn’t get the wheelspins (and it didn’t show as completed for him, I had already done them in single player).
It’s a bit weird that this apparently is already a bug since release and it’s not addressed yet. It’s a weird oversight, especially with the focus of FH4 being on playing with other people.

I couldn’t test it last season as that friend only got on the horizon roster from yesterday, but it sucks to go out of our way to put the difficulty to unbeatable (I usually drive against AI way under my skill to be honest) and we don’t get anything from doing that. It changes the difficulty needed for co-op in the menu, but you don’t get rewards from completing it. That’s absurd.

It’s bizarre to me that the testcrew didn’t find this bug.

We found some other weird things with co-op. We won 2 trails with the NSX-R and it only counted as one win for him for the weekly forzathon (I couldn’t check mine, as I already completed it). I am not 100% possitive, but I think he finished 1 in first place and I did the other time. It counted for us as a win, but it didn’t count as a win towards the Weekly Forzathon counter for some reason.

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Same here. Did Co-op and network and PvP seasonal races, took 1st places and never got a reward! Devs please do something! The most frustrating is when I got 1st place in seasonal PvP championship and got nothing!

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It’s still not fixed for me, nobody official has replied to this or the topic I made on it and it’s not even listed as a known issue, for some reason they’re just ignoring anyone who has this issue. This really is unacceptable.

It’s not just yours and this one, there’s numerous threads. I’ve been making a list of some of the ones I’ve caught here:

Searching for seasonal rewards on reddit brings up a ton of posts about it, too.

Hard to say if they’re even aware of all this considering there’s no investigating status still. They must be, but perhaps they just don’t care? I can’t imagine all this being fixed when it switches over to Spring and there’s new championships to do today. Support responded to my ticket simply asking if I had done all the events in the championship. Which should have been clear considering the issue I reported was not receiving the advertised rewards upon completion, nor the ‘completed’ status for the goals like solo, which does work. At least those people should know about it by now, but I’d still say submit your own tickets if you haven’t already:

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Same problem here

Spring is live and the issue still exists as far as I can tell. Anyone else try an online championship yet?