The safety rating is faulty and useless

I’ve done two online races and in both of them I raced extremely clean but was wiped out multiple times by other people and incurred penalties. Now I get a warning my safety rating has dropped when in fact I had absolutely no significant collisions that were my fault.

In every incident the person was flying into a corner with too much speed and piled into me or cut across me in a corner because they wanted that space on the track. And one incident somebody was coming back on track after spinning off into the dirt, wiped me out and I still took a penalty for it. This system is horrible and broken. Disappointing… I was looking forward to good online racing, but it looks like its going to be a mess as it was previously.

If you’re going to have a penalty system, you have to work hard to program it to be accurate and functional. The one in iRacing is exemplary or example, the one in this product is worse than useless.


Is this a complaint from the same person who just minutes ago said “coming on here, griping and complaining won’t change a thing. Just uninstall it and go play something else?”

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Pretty slow night apparently. Don’t you have something better to do than bother people.

I offered an example of a better quality game. I wasn’t just simply complaining to complain. They can go look at Iracing if they want to see a good penalty system.

Hey I went back and reread my post and you are completely accurate. I was being a hypocrit. Thanks for pulling the chain. I will attempt to be more constructive in the future.


I assume the one guy that hit you from the back. You get the pen and he didn’t. More likely you are breaking too early. I had done it and had it done on me. Like the game like, nah u never hit your breaks at this point and now you are? Idk. But I also say, the safety rating can be very forgiving. At least when you have a high safety rating I suppose. I bet if your rating is low. It gonna blame you more than anything first.

The penalty system definitely needs a look into, and because its AI, I’m sure it will get better. That doesn’t help the here and now, but c’est la vie.

As for the iRacing comparison, its much faster to license up and up your safety rating with completely clean/safe races than it is going for the win. As such, it takes a good month of grinding iRacing before you can be sure that every lobby you join is going to be an A+ lobby and you can race it out with confidence. I see very little difference here so far, but we can’t be sure as the game has only been available less than a week.

I’m not saying you arguments are invalid, I agree with the gripes, I just think dunking on a brand new safety system that has yet had the time to build and flesh out doesn’t really help. iRacing has been developing for almost 20 years and they still suffer from issues concerning it.

As far as I can tell it is broken. Broken enough I want it out of career mode. (break up the difficulty bundles).

First race after starting the game. 3 collisions, 2 it was reasonable to blame me (learning new wheel/pedal setup), 1 where I was completely innocent. The only penalty I got was for the one I was innocent.

During a later race I was pit maneuvered by an Ai, Avoidable Contact. I was annoyed enough that later in the race I got my revenge, quite clearly and deliberately. I rammed the AI off the side of the track, no penalty. I should have been parked for that 2nd move.

The system simply doesn’t work. It may be necessary for public multiplayer, but it is broken, probably in an exploitable way.

To be fair the professionals screw up way to often as well, frequently blaming the victim of bad overtakes.

Since they are using AI to train the AI they should make a website where you can submit replays and the time of the incident. Then people could vote on it to classify which driver gets the penalty, like on r/Simracingstewards.

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Naaaa I’ve seen and had drivers using you as a brake into corners.

Problem is damage isn’t enabled in multiplayer. Well not in GT anyway. So you can easily take people out on sharp corners… and get no pen

Yes. I’m struggling with this system. S rating before this weekend and it’s been terrible. You get wiped out from behind., get knocked off the track and incur a time penalty. Losing valuable places and putting me to the back of the field.

My biggest issue with it happened today… I finished a race as normal I rarely get penalties and when I do mainly slight off track… I have been S since I bought the game… my safety went to E after one race just done now with no penalties… not sure if it’s a bug or glitch but no wonder we get rammers in this S lobbies

Good job my dude,very mature of you.This is how people grow as humans,and you have just made 1 if not 2 people have some respect for you…