The original livery for 2018 KTM #22 True Racing X-Bow GT4, what happened?

What happend with manufacturer livery for 2018 KTM #22 True Racing X-Bow GT4?
Originally it looked like this:

but now it’s just black:

Oh yeah, you’re right. Maybe there’s a specific license for that livery and it expired? That sounds strange but who knows…

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Not a bug. May have had to do with licensing.

However, the car is still in the game and there are some nice custom designs for it.

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Yeah, you guys might be right.

I agree there are good designs for this car, just I like it when all the cars are in the original color or with the original livery as it was conceived by the developers.

P.S. OK, thank you for your answers.

The thumbnail for the car still has the original livery on it. At least in my game it does.

I have it everywhere in black colour