The new Forza Horizon 5 'retrowave' start-up intro looks cheap and trashy


I’m with @geistwriter though 2000% is an overstatement indicative of where the game had got to

When it started, ignoring bugs, there were some things going on that were interesting - very hard PR stunts being the main one I recall, but the bugs were very annoying and the creativity soon seemed to flatline or diminish

I suspect there were issues with that team in the background that went on for a bit leading to their departure, the apparent lack of interest means something was going on to distract that interest

since those people left there has been, for me, a general upward trajectory in trying different things, trying to get some themes going to link events better than previously

yeah, it’s improved since they left - if you ask me (and clearly if you ask geist)

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regarding the intro video, I thought that was a good idea and the VHS thing in particular was very well done

what followed with that car just going down the road was a bit lame, to be honest, but I am hardly bothered by it, it’s a nice thing to see that little VHS thing when loading the game after 2.5 years of the same intro


I know it’s been said but the “cheap” and “trashy” aesthetic is the whole point. As Max correctly points out it’s in line with the 80’s retroism aesthetic of worn VHS tapes, bright neon, and wonky synthwave music from cassette tapes that have seen better days.

As a bit of nostalgia bordering on the pastiche for the halcyon days of the 1980’s echoing the spirit of TV shows like Miami Vice or games like Outrun then it works. You could easily replace the title music with Rush Rush by Debbie Harry and it wouldn’t feel out of place

Take it from someone who grew up in the 1980’s and 1990’s


I honestly thought the new retrowave intro was the one to be from now on. I had not realised it only was for a few weeks. I still think it is horrendously ugly, even though I also grew up with VHS tapes. But I can honour it a bit more now. Apart from that, yes, FH5 probably is less buggy than it was at the start, but the constant reloading of the same ‘new’ seasons when my internet connection is weak because of downloads is so annoying, and something I never had in FH4, 3, 2 or 1.

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It’s a bad faith argument. Questioning the quality of the game and effort level of the studio cause he isn’t a fan of the aesthetic of an INTRO sequence is beyond bush league, unfortunately.

For the record, my kid’s 7 and he loves it. Then again he has grown up on Michael McDonald, The Doobie Brothers, Eminence Front and the band America. Teach em to appreciate the classics at a young age.


You guys hit it waaaaay out of the park with this one.

I haven’t seen even one reasonable or even thought out complaint yet.

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an intro for an open world racing game needs a vista, space, width, depth, colours, the morning sun, the evening sky, whatever. Please, let this not be an outlook of what is to come.

What does this even mean?


Absolutely adore this intro. I want it to stay and never leave.

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