[SUGGESTION] INTRO replay, lightning/rain Dolby Atmos

Hey everyone, dont know if this is the right way/forum to post suggestions, and if devs will actually see this, but here goes.

I’d like an option to replay game INTROs - the one at the beginning of FH4, and the spectacular new one at the start of Fortune Island. They are simply stunning experiences, actually great for testing and showing off your game. Think of them as 2 extra Showcases :slight_smile:

Another thing that I’d like to point out is that in Fortune Island intro, ATMOS (height) effects, surround also, were INSANE! Unfortunetly, they aren’t nearly impressive when I’m driving a regular race and free roam. I’m talking mostly about rain and thunder effects.

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Dolby Atmos effects in this game seem to be non-existent, right? Unless I need to crank the volume up on my home theatre?

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