The new Forza Horizon 5 'retrowave' start-up intro looks cheap and trashy

To be honest, I was quite shocked when I saw the new FH5 retrowave intro for the first time. Shocked, because this was obviously green lit and thus seems to reflect the level of creative decision making at Playground Games these days.

Remember FH4? One of the most rounded, aesthetically pleasing racing games ever released.

And now? An intro that echoes the trash-on-purpose DLC Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Sure, the flashing palm trees are kind of cool. But that retro VHS look - not so much. An intro for an open world racing game needs a vista, space, width, depth, colours, the morning sun, the evening sky, whatever. Please, let this not be an outlook of what is to come.

It makes me wonder if this has anything to do with it:


They were obviously going for that 80’s VCR tape feel and I think it fits the theme of this series.

The game has only improved since those departures, in my opinion.


I’m going to treat this as genuine feedback and explain: this was fully intentional because it evokes the quality of well-worn VHS tapes in the 1980s. We’ve had a positive response from the community about the overall theme and the intro specifically, so this comment was a surprise to see because it hasn’t appeared in any significant volume of community feedback that the Community team has been monitoring.


Yeah, that intro looks awesome. If you grew up in the 90s and had any well-worn VHS tapes you’d played to death, you’d know.


I like it as well, I wish we had the option to select our own intro from the previous seasonal ones though, just seems a waste for PG to put the work in creating them yet only have them for 4 weeks (or in the anniversary series’ case 1 week a piece).


Gotta agree with four of the five people here
I like it, simple and effective
Why get worked up over an seasonal intro?


I love it…reminds me of the 80’s…Beta to VHS…shows like Miami Vice with the lambo’s and bright neon lights…and the retro wave music bringing a lot of movie music vibes. I love the 80’s. I would be fine with this retro wave going on for a lot longer.


I like the idea of it I 'm not convinced about the execution of it. To me it’s just not it. I’m old enough to have really watched such tapes and play old games, it all seems of a bit too fake.

I like it. If you watch it long enough the quality improves and it moves from the old 4:3 aspect ratio to full screen. Not as though we’re going to be stuck with it forever.


I love the new intro, you can say what you want about the pacing or the camera angles and movements, but the retro feel is spot on.
Throwing around some random buzz words like vista, space, width, depth, colors, the morning sun, the evening sky, is not helpful in any way and very subjective.

Also, the news that some major decision makers at playground games have left, is over a year old now and PGG have shown that this didn’t negatively effect them in any way, some might even argue a positive effect.


I had no idea of the devoted fans (boys & girls) here and the state of ‘someone I don’t agree with and who is too elaborate for my taste is a subjective troll, whereas I am objective’. I honour other people’s opinions, mine is just different. Isn’t it all about tolerance these days? :slight_smile:


Having experienced VHS tapes as the primary video recording technology, the intro hasn’t been my favorite. By the time they were that worn a new tape was cheap. Just dub it before it’s bad.

I don’t tend to judge a game on the intro that I’m only going to watch once though.

And then finding a fault nearly a year and a half after the leadership change? Really? You might want to expand on that a bit for the fans to understand where you are coming from.

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I totally agree with the OP. I am not at all impressed with the intro.


No. It genuinely looked worse than FH2 or FH3. All thanks to the horrendous lighting and tragic paint reflections. Had they not ruined that, I would’ve probably agreed with you.
Sorry for the tiny rant.

As for the intro itself, I don’t necessarily agree that it’s bad, but every FH5 intro that uses other in-game footage near cars shows not the poor direction the game has taken since launch, but something completely different - all movements look extremely unnatural, as if all cars were moving in some grid pattern or something. Of course, games have limitations, but I just need to point that out.

I don’t mind the new intro. They actually tried to do something new and fresh here and since we get usually just more of the same, I’m all here for it.

Even if you are one of the very few that don’t like it, what’s the point of crying about an intro that will be gone in 2 weeks anyways?


I’m never minded to start a thread on any intro - unless the intro featured me with a dunces cap or something. :sob:

But I think it’s well crafted.

I’m happy to sign a treaty mind you – give me good updates and I let you guys give me cheesy intros.

I think the intro and update are great.

Enjoying the relaxed vibe after the LeMans car update. Enjoying the '86 M6 and looking forward to that mad Citreon in a few weeks. Meanwhile I’ve painted my ferrari 512TR white and all is good here.

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the intro is awesome, and the game has improved 2000% since those devs left… which was like 2 years ago.

you sound like one of them :joy:


Creating an intro for a “Retrowave” series utilizing a period correct video format with a gradual transition to modern, while showcasing the focus car & environmental effects seemed pretty spot-on to me. Having grown up in the 70s & 80s, it immediately put a smile on my face & brought back some good memories.


Probably one of those situations where… I guess you had to be there. Maybe you’re too young to remember the '80s. But the intro is spot on


I was born 1969 so I that’s why I experienced the 80s in all their glory. And I like the intro, and I like the idea of having a new intro just for a seasonal event or theme.

Would be funny, if we get the chance to have a little playback feature in the gui to watch the different intro trailers inside the game and don’t have to fall back to any social media platform.

The intro really reminds in some ways of the “famous” movie “The Wraith” from 1986 with Charlie Sheen and Sherylin Fenn - though it is not appropiate for children to view…