The new barn find

I’m just happy they stuck it in really.
And to do it via / as a barnfind is quite nice if you ask me.

I’m not that much of a ricer/japanese car fan but I just like the old japanese cars, all of them in this game.
The sound and feel of them is just really cool.
So yeah I’m quite content.

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I like it. When l redeemed it in garage through barn finds Warren did say something about it. Im not imagining things am l?

Aye, he did. I’m not sure if it was the same lines he used for the R32 though.

He did for me as well.

I got a nice surprise after loading in for the first time since the update. Even though I had already found 15/15 barn cars, I got notified there was a new one. I won’t say what it was but it was found close to the Byron Bay festival site. I haven’t seen anyone else mention this so is it just me ?
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I drove around and even did a tournament after finding it but never got a notice that it was ready. I went back to the festival and checked and it was ready to be picked up. When it added to my garage Warren said something about parts being really easy to find for it but that it was still a nice car to have found for free even though it wasn’t all that special.

I would have loved to have more umph from warren when he was speaking about the car, it was a nice car but i felt like it wasn’t much of a reward when he was so down about it.
Hopefully they will keep bringing out new ones though as there is plenty other spots around the world where there are unopen barns :wink:

Unfortunately, the new barn find isn’t included in the Barn Finds category when setting up a blueprint race with Barn Finds as the chosen restriction, so I had to pick a different barn find. Hopefully the devs will fix this issue soon, so that all 16 current barn finds (plus all future barn finds) will be included in the Barn Finds category.

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