The Mazda 787 makes me want to quit Forza.

That would be great… and more likely than my dream car, the Porsche 962, unless a Porsche DLC comes out down the line like there was for FM4.

Yep. Mazda 787B was dominant in Forza 4, Sauber C9 came along, absolutely obliterated it.

And joined by even more threads about how overpowered the C9 was, and you could only compete if you payed for the DLC.

Breaking up lobbies is also a bad idea. It dilutes the already sparse online hoppers.

If it’s really such a problem and you want to run P class find a league that runs an LMP1 series.
The problem is that none of these cars raced against each other (yes the 908 raced the R18 but that was in a different configuration) so none of the P class cars are going to be remotely even.

The Audi R8 is almost competitive, try CQR Takumi’s lobby tune.

The R18 can be quick on the shorter tracks with the right tune and as mentioned above the Ferrari can be decent too.

Cheers for this! About to start the race and I’m going to give the R8 a try with that tune :wink:

Second this. I used this in the 2.4hr ring event, and half the field was using the 787B. This tune can wipe the floor with them. But, rather than complain about it, just keep practising, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself with a car you’re comfortable with, and able to beat them.
They aren’t that OP. Skill and practice>Car choice

Om glad its only limited to VIPs. What’s the point of having VIP if you get nothing worth while?


When more P car are introduced I think it should be broke down into GroupC, P1 & P2. In FM4 I wish they had broke down the GTS cars from GT1, you could see a big difference in those two classes as well when in career mode.

whiteman, thats a nice idea but you have 1 Group C, 1 WSC, and the rest LMP-1 cars. So unless they plan on adding atleast 2-3 more of the Group C and WSC cars, that’ll never work. Yes the Audi R8 is close but not close enough. The Sauber C9 would be a great addition, I agree. It was one of the few cars that could compete with the 787B in FM4, Ss could the 905.

My thinking was if more were added, but yea it’s not something they could do now and I don’t think enough will be added to do it in FM5. Maybe by the time FM6 comes around we will have some of the GroupC and LMP’s back that they can. The Forza Le Mans Lobby in FM4 was kinda weird where all the LMP/Group C cars were available for P1 but in GT1 the GTS cars weren’t worked in. I also didn’t like how you could take P2 cars to P1 levels.

I do agree with you about not enough time for it in 5 but 6 would be great. Also in the AMLS when Penske ran the Porsche RS Spyders it reagularly beat the Audi R8’s and it was a P2 car. Also the mazda B09 and Honda Lola did well in the ELMS series, they never took overall wins, but were up in the top 5 consistently.

I really miss the Froza Le Mans in 5.

I was at the Houston ALMS race in 2008 race when the Penske Spyder driven by Romain Dumas and Timo Bernhard won overall, not enough room for the R10 to run away on that track. I might spend some time in FM4 this week just for Forza Le Mans.

i think that is more indicative of the tracks ALMS ran on. Alot of them were small and tight city or regional tracks that were better suited to those P2 cars so would take the ovrall. however I believe the audis were still taking their class. get them on bigger tracks like america, atlanta, sebring, etc and they won. most of what ALMS ran on a P1 car had no business running on. quite a few races i remember going to and only 2-3 P1 showed up.

its too bad tudor got rid of P1 and nerfed the P2s so they daytona prototypes could win.

Yes the the AMLS ran a few street circuits (4 of 12 rounds), but the Spyder did win at Miller Motorsports Park, Mid-Ohio, Road America, Mosport in 2007. They won Sebring, Miller and other LMP2 cars taking overalls on fast open road courses in 2008. Yes the Audi’s still won LMP1.

I agree with you on the lack of LMP1 cars in the Tudor series. Also can’t stand they have done that to P2. A lot of those teams have went to Europe to compete since they were at such a disadvantage over here.

The 3rd fastest car at LeMans this year was in the group c classic race set by the Nissan R90ck doing 210mph so there is a reason it always wins. That and its like a little treat from T10 for people that got V.I.P

I drove the 2.4hr with the Mazda to get to know it better, as it’s a monster for me to control. Once I found a good conservative grip tune it was fun, but I still would have done more miles in the Audi e-tron which I know well. As it was, I focused more on staying out of others’ way than I did on improving lap times… I figure that will come on its own as I gain familiarity with track and car.

I’m feeling the same way. But I don’t like how the 787B dominates FM4 R1 and P1 in Forza Le Mans. But at least there are a lot of other opions in those lobbies.

The Audi’s can be somewhat competitive with the Mazda’s, I used the R18 In the 2.4hr of the ring and finished 1st with 330 miles and beat all the 787B’s by 3 or more miles! If I was in the 787B I would have finished a further lap ahead. It’s not about what you you drive but how you drive it, obviously the 787B will always be quick but if you can drive the Audi at a respectable pace then you always have a chance!

Thats the biggest contradiction ever !

If you were using a 787B then you would have been a lap ahead of where you were in the Audi, so the Audi is not competitive with the 787B …