The Horizon Life multiplayer systems needs to be better explained in-game

I think the way the Horizon Life multiplayer system works needs some kind of tutorial system in place, or an additional video explaining it in detail after finishing the prologue. I had to ask a friend how multiplayer works (aside from the stuff you can access from the pause menu, like Team gameplay) to have any idea how the open world part of multiplayer works.

The hourly Forza Live stuff is fine because it’s in your face with a big notification and a button prompt, giving you a timer and setting your destination. However, when players on your Horizon Life server start an event and select PVP or co-op, there really needs to be a bigger notification telling the other players who’s doing what and how to join it. I had absolutely no idea that pressing LB shows you who is starting what events. The fact that this is all so poorly explained is going to throw a wet blanket on the open world multiplayer experience.


Thanks for the heads up on LB, I had no idea and I’m level 70+


bump for this topic, IMHO this really needs to be address by Playground. If they are recording multiplayer data (and I assume they are) they will probably see that next to no one is using this feature.

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So, I am hitting LB. Nothing happens. Ive never seen a notification that anyone is starting a PVP event.

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I joined a few lastnight after I found this thread.

Driving around as normal, above the circle map you have a green circle with a 0, when people start joinable games you get the number of joinable games in the circle.

Change to the big map and press Lb, it will then list available co-op or pvp games, along with a join button.

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Got it. Makes sense. Only problem now is no one knows about it and they have all given up on starting a game so we have a perpetual “0” in the green circle. Then when I start a game no one realizes it and no one joins.

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Exactly - the feature only works if people use it, and it only works well if many people use it. So the net result is nobody’s using it because so many don’t know how, and those that do don’t have enough people to use it with.

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I’ve tried to start a game 50 times and no one joined… Obviously they weren’t even notified. Proper explanation needs to be given as so few of us even read this forum.

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Mods, I don’t want to break the rules or anything, but perhaps a sticky might be a good stop-gap until some sort of update is made that clarifies the system? I see posts constantly (here, Reddit, Facebook, etc) from people frustrated that no one is joining their events in free roam, and it’s because so few players understand how it works. Maybe something with a topic like “How to join other players’ events in Horizon Life/online free-roam” with an explanation and a screenshot highlighting the little icon on the HUD.

I honestly don’t want to be a pain in the butt, I genuinely want people to get the most out of their FH4 experience.


Then can you get them to bring back Groove (or streaming music) integration? Or hopefully some brilliant person can mod one? Kidding.

I agree with you I miss game manuals. I don’t see why they can’t put a .pdf explaining the game on the site or do it more thoroughly in-game. I’d almost rather just read it. I’m already new to the multiplayer aspect (which can be happily ignored).

When Standard edition releases hopefully more players will be showing and the people on the server will get closer to what I believe is supposed to be a limit of 72. Most I’ve seen is 25.

This issue has been fixed. I am launching events and people are joining. We just had a game update today.

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Is this true? While I like Team Adventure more than the Roadtrip/Online Adventure from before, I still primarily like to race on circuits and those don’t appear that often in Team Adventure.

Yesterday evening I only managed to get 3 people over a timespan of 2 hours to join a race. I am aware that the game is in a begnning state where everybody tries to complete the single player content. However, considering an average of around 50 people in a lobby, 3 people in 2 hours is extremeley low. Wasn’t even that worse in FH3 freeroam lobbies.

I asked one of the players who joined my event what they saw on screen when they joined. They said just the tiny little green icon with a “1” indicating an event is available. They had to click on it or perhaps open map and then click. At any rate it is almost invisible and players will have no idea what it is. I get very few people joining. Frustrating. I haven’t seen anyone starting an event in a day or two.

I’m not sure how the issue is “fixed”. It wasn’t a technical problem, it was a problem with the system not being explained to players as far as I know. Maybe some people figuring it out or getting the word.

The update for FH4 dropped yesterday and then finally players began to show up for events that I started. I can only assume the other players in the session now actually SEE a notification on their screen like they do in FH3. IDK I didn’t ask any of them. The odd thing is that I have never seen any notification on my screen of other players starting a race. I’d say this feature hasn’t been completely ironed out by the devs yet.

at least you can do the forzathon live events, my game is bugged or something because im level 50 and online and am unable to do forzathon live events:(

Create a feature request then.

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Bump for visibility, players need to get a notification just like forzathon show up, otherwise its pointless to have a tiny LB button on the left of the screen, its too easy to miss.

This along with a quit button to quit after team adventure is a MUST HAVE, and its a huge oversight on their part. Almost looks intentional…wich is scary.

I have a theory that this tiny un-noticeable PVP/COOP event icon was made intentionally. I think PG has not fully ironed out their PVP and COOP so they would rather not have many players using it. I had several PVP and COOP events fail to start yesterday.

The seasonal events work pretty well in PVP and COOP because people actually get a notification. Try them.

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