The Gaunlet was a very disappoint race, and the rubberbanding was insane

Anyone else feel the same? The Colossus road race was fairly good, but the Gaunlet was so disappointing. Considering it’s meant to be the ultimate dirt race, it didn’t go through any of the really good dirt roads like the Glen Rannoch hill climb or the Astmoor hairpin road. There were so many stretches of straight tarmac road.

Also the rubberbanding was unreal. I was leading for most of the race on Pro, and pulling further and dirty ahead. When it got to about 90% compete, the AI started catching up massively and they weren’t slowed at all on the water section next to the lake at the end, ploughing through like they were on tarmac.

Apparently Playground Games said it doesn’t exist, but that’s a very obvious lie!


Thank god we’ve got Track Creator coming up, looking forward to seeing how people can top the Gauntlet!

I didnt see too much of the rubberbanding. However, I did notice on some races where I used assists (I just wanted to get it over with) there are areas where the game forces a downshift, and that drove me nuts until I figured that out. For example the Race with the Ferrari FXX-K, it always hit right where the turnabout it and forced me to go left. I bumped it up a notch on the assists, and now no more issues.

I only say that that maybe that might be one cause, and it did some sort of forceshift down. I dunno. As for the four end races, I liked the Gauntlet and Titan more than Colossus or Goliath. I hope there are more fun ones of course when the creator comes out and lets us really have fun.

It definitely seemed unreal that cars made for the dirt could take those high-speed sweeping turns like a track toy.

I was leading that entire race, then around 80% the game decided it was winning. There wasn’t even a drivatar on my radar and I lost. I squeaked a win second time. Seems the game likes one final push, if you survive it, you win.

I thought it was a fun race. I had two drivatars that kept pace with me the whole race. They would pass me on the paved sections and I would catch up and pass them on the dirt. One had a good lead on me through the last long stretch of road, but I caught him pretty quick on the dirt at the end to win. The mix of surfaces definitely makes it tough if you’re running a rally transmission that doesn’t give you much top end.

IIRC, that was the race where I only finished about 30 seconds ahead of 2nd place (as compared to 1:40 ahead on the Colossus). However, I think that was mainly due to water problems. I’ve a feeling it wouldn’t be as close in winter.