The garage is too dark

With the new position of the car, with dark cars it’s impossible to tell the rim color sometimes (With darker colors.) as the garage is far too dark to tell. Could use some better lighting in the garage or dif coloured floor, like white or checkered or something to refract some of the light up onto the rims or cars. It’s impossibly dark in that garage!

I relate to this issue as well and i think this should be more discussed
Forza Motorsport 6 had a preety much perfect set of lighting and camera for a paint booth, specially at the paddocks enviroment. It had a dark background with light all over the car and this combination made for a great way to enhance minimal details. Now on the FM7 everything is wrong. The background is clear and deep, the camera objective is horrible and forces too much perspective and there is no light being shed over the car. Its almost like trying to paint a car in a shadow and too far away from it. I don’t bother customizing as much as i did in FM6 because i can barely distinguish and differences between a gloss gray and a pearlescent silver full of flocks. You can’t see the flocks anyways. Not to mention that painting wheels is also NFSU2 era because of the lack of direct light.
Enviroments and camera settings should be reworked asap, it was a huge step back.

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