The game needs to be heavily optimized and wheel support

I haven’t yet played it but the settings really through me by surprise. I can’t run this game in ultra with a gtx 970 and a i-7 6700k. I plan on playing it with a controller but wheel support is a must and I know it will be here soon.

I can play this on an i3-6300 and an Asus GTX 960 2gb on ultra perfectly fine, must be your system configuration or possible damage because that sounds serious

How many ram you have? Because with the same graphic card i can’t put the game in high or ultra,only in medium.

Sounds like you’re running under special conditions my friend, 720p TV or monitor? the game at high settings takes 2200MB of Vram which means your game should be tanking regardless of physical power, much less at ultra which pulls 2700MB. All at 1080p. if you were at 720P the Vram threshhold would be much lower. prbably around 1600MB on high and 1900 on ultra. Minimum specs for this game on 1080p at 60FPS is a 970 and 4GB Vram. or as tested 2.2GB on high and 2.7GB on ultra.
Truly suspicious if your 2GB card is pulling out perfect numbers. when 980s with a full bank of 4GB and 970s with 3.5 are both more powerful, more popular hardware and are not pulling the same with severe technical and frame rate problems.

I’m running everything on max at 1080p and no problems, I do use the Samsung 850 Evo Pro as virtual memory through a SATA Express slot so that could be eliminating the stuttering due to this is not the only game that uses more than 2gb of VRAM and I don’t have stuttering

VRAM: 2gb
RAM: DDR4 16gb @ 3000Mhz

I’m running on an i5-6600K, GTX 970 and 16GB DDR4@3000MHz and run on ultra just fine. Until the memory leak kicks in…

For all we know, if you’re under specs the game could ignore those manual settings and go dynamic anyway. We’d never know without some proper tests, but a lot of it is subjective. One person may not notice some jaggies, another person might notice the instant they appear.
Also some people run several anti-virus, spam, malware suites at once which they shouldn’t and it reduces performance. Then we have people who don’t install things in the right order after finishing a new build, and those who do. There are so many things that affect performance that just because it works on your machine, it doesn’t mean someone with the same or even higher spec can run it too. That’s not how it works.
I think that’s part of why it’s windows 10 only. It helps remove a lot of variables, while also pushing windows 10 to those still to upgrade.

I know it hasn’t gone auto dynamic, iv tested things like reflection quality and MSAA + I’m a game developer and I work closely with stuff like this so if it did I would have suggested something similar already :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m running on an i3 2120 and a GTX 960 4GB. I know my CPU is pretty bad, but GPU usage won’t even reach 50% at times, I don’t think I’ve seen such a huge bottleneck in any game before.

Yeah, but if parts of your system are below minimum requirements, bottlenecks are gonna be an issue. Having said that the game only uses 50% or so on my GTX970 with everything set at maximum. Maybe it doesn’t tax the GPU so much as the GFX RAM? Remember the Xbox is 8 (slow) cores on CPU and a HD7000 series AMD equivalent for GFX. That’s not so high, but the advantage of the Xbox is the unified memory architecture with ESRAM. So that’s why this game requires more RAM for both system and GFX. I think RAM is gonna be critical for any Xbox ports, but not so much GFX and CPU speed. Which is going to annoy Intel and Nvidia if they can’t sell upgrades to people because they don’t need them.
I’ve literally just built a new skylake rig, which meant I was running my legendary i5 2500K build for 5 years. It still ran all games at high/ultra levels with the 970 in tow and I only upgraded because I had some spare cash and an inkling for playing with my PC’s insides. lol
Nvidia shot themselves in the foot a bit. They said they weren’t bothering with console deals for GFX chips as there was no profit in it. But now we have consoles that came out that were already behind PC’s specs wise. As developers always build to the lowest system and then just add bells and whistles for the better systems, it means Nvidia are trying to sell something to people who won’t need it as games are using less resources as they’re ported from Xbox/PS4.
But it’s good for more people to be able to play a game, but you still get idiots with 7 yr old PC’s complaining they can’t run it and they should lower the requirements. why don’t they just go and play Ridge Racer? lol
But yeah I think the GPU doesn’t get taxed so much cos it doesn’t need to be.

The taxing on the gpu part is true and it isn’t at the same time, developers has the freedom to add code to all versions but if they add checks then the code will run for the specified system. As they said in the blog posts early on they are still porting the engine to PC and I wouldn’t think they would altar the xbox code much. Many people think xbox and windows universal can work straight off without any effort in porting but that is entirely wrong due to of course using the ESRAM but also taking advantage of the custom GPU and its driver.

I can say this at max would never run on an xbox as of yet (E3 announcement spoilers) this isn’t really a PORT, its more of an entire remake.

Here is my GPU stats of the NVIDIA gtx 960 and if this was the best AMD Radeon HD 7000 series GPU I most likely would be at 100% just about all of the time so you can tell they have bumped things up a lot

You can see it here:!5408&authkey=!AClT00y67bAU_Z8&v=3&ithint=photo%2cPNG

Yeah 1440p forgot to mention that

The game is very taxing none the less there is a bunch of arguing when the simple fact is they need to optimize it and they will but this topic should be about what people are running and there experience with the game and how its running. I will go back over what my setup is. i-7 6700k running @4.6ghz, a GTX 970 stock, and 16GB of ram with all this said im running it at 1440p on high. I dont have enough Vram or maybe just memory in my system to run it on ultra. Playing on high still drops a bunch of frames and becomes laggy. I’m not here to complain it just need to be optimized I should have no problem playing this on ultra @ 1440p haven’t found a game I can’t play on 1440p so they need to optimize it a bit I still plan on playing messing around with the settings. If your reading this just post a quick summary of what you have and what kind of experience you have had with your setup.