The Eliminator - Cheaters Show UP

Dear all,
since two weeks, I have seen several cheaters on the Eliminator. They use the same cheat to switch their car in jet plane. They are far behind you, beaten, and two seconds after they are far ahead of you, winning the race. I did not understand what happened until I caught on tape a guy with a quartz regalia, that overtaked me flying at 3000 feets with a cruise speed of 1000 m/h.
The proof is very obvious
Can I put the You tube video link here?
Searching on youtube I found a guy that capture the same Cheat two weeks ago.

These cheaters are going to ruin the game.
What can we do?

Thanks for your help

Bob Maloubier73


No flying car in video but it shows legit gameplay…
Don’t move and you are invisible on map

look the left upper corner of the screen at 1.38
I made a french version of the video, with slow motion and sreen capture. I would not say legit gameplay when quartz is flying over 2 miles to the victory :grin:

Ok, the video is longer now, it was 39s or something before

better place for this

Thanks !
I’m sorry that the video did not appeared properly. These video are available on you tube in full version. I do believe this Cheat is real :persevere:

Being an Eliminator legend myself, I can definitively say that guy cheated. Before they stopped people leaving the circle before the final it could have MAYBE been legit but appearing ahead of you so late in the final race. He was cheating

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Can confirm


I miss it a little but I’m kind of hoping they wont bring it to FH5, at least not right away

So what, they are switching into the Delta Wing from the Showcase event instead of a Lancia? What a vehicle drop that would be. :sweat_smile::dizzy_face: