The car pack scheme

I have been racing with the 2014 Maserati #35 and I notice that the rear view mirror is crooked so we can not see the cars behind. In fact there are lots of cars that have this issue. What really pisses me off is T10 does not even fix the game we paid for but is so focused on trying to sell us more content, much of which should have already been included. Case in point is the Ripoff Car Pass. Anybody who has purchased car passes recalls that they have 10 cars in each. The reason they put only 7 cars each is so they can take those missing cars and sell them in the Top Gear and, hot Wheels car packs. The math is simple 6 car packs each missing 3 cars is 18 missing cars. The Top Gear and Hot wheels car pack each had 7 cars for $7 each pack, really shows T10 true colors. The reason why they get away with it is because they have concluded that we are all stupid and will buy them anyway without thinking about the scam they are pulling. This is my last Forza I will buy, there are other racing games that value the customers better than T10.

Seems like you have all the answers, why bother to post here then ?


Thank you for the feedback.