The C7 Z06, ATS-V and CTS-V are not American Muscle cars

If T10 isn’t going to do a little bit of work to get cars in their right groups bruh, I swear if I see those cars misgrouped AGAIN, I’ll uninstall day one and get a refund. CTS/ATS V need to be in the same group as the M/AMG cars…and the C7 Z needs to be grouped against either exotic GTs or Track Toys.

T10 needs to get some real car people in house to tell them things like this.

How about don’t buy until you find out if they are wrong category still so you don’t have to uninstall and refund?


Different question, if they aren’t American Muscle Cars, what are they exactly?
The Corvette and the CTS-V are pure American Muscle in themselves

The Corvette is as far removed from the classical definition of American Muscle as you can get; it always has been. So, for that matter, is every Viper made beyond the second generation and most Mustangs and Camaros made beyond their respective fifth generations. The CTS-V could fit, but even that’s a stretch - it plays in the same stadium as cars like the BMW M5 and M8, and Mercedes AMG GT63 four-door. Most American performance cars have evolved far beyond the popular stereotype of American muscle. Operative word being “most” - Dodge still exists, after all.


Exactly…I wouldn’t even classify base Camaros and Mustangs and Muscle cars…those are full on sports cars in the line of BMW M4s, Nissan Zs, etc. In fact, I’d just ditch the whole regional grouping outside “classic cars” (think pre 2000) and just classify them as what they are. C7/Z base '14 Viper can be a Super GT along the lines of the 812 Superfast…at 1/10th of the price.