The Button Mapping options must improve for FH5

One thing that irked me very quickly into playing Forza Horizon 4 was how some features/tools had to be ‘assigned’ in the button mapping. This unnecessarily restricted the customisation available and hindered the playability early on, which honestly was a big shame for me. The button mapping in FH4 always left me with one or more features I couldn’t use on the controller, because too many other features had to be assigned by default. I want to play with the options I want at easy reach and I’m sure it’s not just me.

For Forza Horizon 5, it would significantly improve the player experience to change the Button Mapping parameters so that only the most core/essential features (steering, acceleration, braking, menu/map) are mandatory to have assigned. The rest should be customisable and not necessarily. I literally couldn’t care about having the handbrake at all times.


I’m all for quality of life improvements, especially for games you end up playing for years, here’s hoping.

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While setting up a custom controller layout for my experience, I have 2 controls not bound which neither of them were bound to anything with the default control schemes 1 or 2 which is what I use. I don’t need to have a map button or a Forza link button but the game is forcing me to have them making me unbind other controls that are more integral to the gameplay making it impossible to have a custom controller layout, unless you have a controller with so many buttons that the ergonomics of the controller makes no sense.


For those of us on console, the button mapping is horrendous, especially for those of us that drive manual with clutch. We should have the option to opt out of certain mappings such as Map, Anna, Forza Link, Radio, Horn, and Photo Mode. I hardly use any of these myself and they SHOULD NOT BE REQUIRED.

Another idea would be double mapping, though I’m not sure how easy this would be to do. For those unaware, I’m talking about using 2 buttons (ex. LS+X or L3+Square) to use one action.


I drive manual with clutch on console - I just did the usual swap handbrake/ clutch option that has been in Forza games since the clutch was a thing (fm3?).

What exactly are you trying to do?

Open the top to my convertible.

I can’t put it in because I’m forced to have forza link, anna, and horn. 3 things I never use.

If I’m in a car with a removable top - e.g. Porsche 918 Spyder 2014.

I have an onscreen prompt next to my Speedo - I can click in my left thumbstick to remove the top.

Is this what you mean? Certainly not a feature I use very much - I usually drive bumper cam & it only affects a handful of cars in the game. But I can do it.

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Yeah, that. I don’t have that option. I drive chase so I would like the option. True it only affects a few cars, but why do I NEED a horn. I have it, along with the radio muted in game. So for me it affects zero cars.

It goes back to the OP’s point. The button mapping is broken.

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Just looked and I use default layout 1?

Under toggle convertible - it says none assigned. I still get the option. Odd but true.

Xbox series S by the way.

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Which does absolutely nothing for me… no change to the “roof”…

Do you at least see the prompt? You have to be stationary for it to work by the way. . .

Yes prompts there and I’m stationary outside the autoshow… when it “manipulate” the left stick the icon dims but nothing happens on the car(s) tried various “spyders” all the same.

The icon is only bright when your stationary

ok went back into button mapping and set toggle roof to LSB and it works…

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Cool, weird but still cool.

Glad you got it sorted.

I’m on x1x and use MC often. I have the clutch/ebrake swapped and the up/down shift swapped. For me it’s the easiest way to hit up shifts correctly. These are options in advanced. I’ve tried custom mapping and it just doesn’t work.

Regarding the convertible top animation the left analog click works for me on cars where it is enabled. I’ve used it on the Portofino and Willys. Not all convertibles are enabled such as the 70 Vette.

Agree took me hours to sort out my buttons, I dont NEED map, anna and forza link thanks.

Why is radio next a required keybind? its not a core function. Convertable settings are unbindable on wheel because no button can serve.
Why are ANNA and FORZA LINK required to be bound, EVEN WHEN THEY’RE DISABLED.
What psychopath designed this button config restriction?


100% agreed. I don’t even use ANNA or Link so why on earth do they have to be mapped? It’s also impossible to have telemetry in this game, thanks devs.


That’s one of the reasons why I never have my transmission permanently set to manual, because the manual transmission removes the ability to use the map button, which is a major inconvenience. Why ANNA and ForzaLink were prioritized over the map, I’ll never know, especially ANNA, who is useless to veterans, and the game isn’t that complicated that casuals really need her either.

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ANNA is just useless, and not just for veterans…

Like, you can have it set a route to the nearest race event. Or you could just use the map…


i just found you can use the telemetry but you have to be on a default controller setting. which means you cant change any buttons. i have an elite series 2 controller so im able to configure the controller to fit the settings. and now im able to use telemetry while im tuning. heres the link if you want to try it out

edit: i also cant stand the forced binding with controls ANNA/LINK are pointless imo.
what they wanted was for you to talk with the others in your session but forgot not everybody cares to talk with people when they play.

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