Disable or Remove Button Keymapping Required. Also a way to add more actions with a single button.

Something I will never understand its why its forced to use certain keys or buttons if they are not necessary.

I just got a VR Joystick that the game just detected to actually being able to play with, like a Steering Wheel. But its not possible because I don’t have all the required buttons selected, just few buttons are used for the best choices.

Please consider disabling this because most of this buttons can’t be selected. Even on a Xbox One Controller, many options need to be skipped due the forced key mapping required.

Also there should be a way to use more than one function for one single button… when you use already one, it can’t be used anymore for another function.

Like in Halo where you can Reload, Pick or do Action using the “X”, this should be possible as well in Forza considering it have lot of controller functions.

Some buttons can have function by pressing once and some by keeping hold the button for certain amount of seconds. This will help to configure your controller the highest.