The Absolute State of Online

Eliminator was one of my favourite parts of FH4 and I was hoping it would be in FH5 too.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

I know there’s issues with the online connectivity but even when you can hold a stable connection, this aspect of the game is fundamentally broken.

Having people phase in and out of existence right before your eyes, car drops disappear with nobody around them, entered in to races with people you can’t see either…

Not being able to honk at somebody and actually challenge them? I even lost an entire game because the final checkpoint was bugged and nobody could activate it.

I’ve no doubt there will be fixes in the future but for now, please, just pull it. It’s embarrassing.


Eliminator is in FH5? I’m confused…

Yeah, it’s a proper mess. In the Eliminator I’ve had…

Invisible/inaudible cars that challenge me out of nowhere
The finish line not triggering, so neither racer can finish the head to head, which causes both of us to be timed out and eliminated
My horn not triggering a head to head, which unfortunately happens almost all of the time
The accelerator suddenly no longer working properly, so I’m stuck driving along at like 10MPH until I can get to a drop and swap cars, then it goes back to normal
In the final showdown, it will say I’m first, then it suddenly ends and says I came 8th or whatever

Horizon Arcade is just as bad…

There’s no notifications that one is going to start, so you have to look on the map for the icon
Often there is just me, or me and one other player who sometimes isn’t even visible, but I can see that they’re scoring points
Some of the events are broken, such as the one where you have to jump ramps and break targets, as the targets disappear, leaving you nothing to break
Sometimes my car randomly stops dead, then a second later it’ll say I’ve been disconnected and that’s the end of it

I am yet to actually complete a single full Horizon Arcade session, even though I have tried a whole bunch of times.

I have not had any issues with the Playground Games, nor regular online racing, other than some really long loading times.

In the main world, just driving around, I often see players just randomly disappear. Sometimes a bunch will all disappear at the same time. I also get the issue where my car suddenly stops dead, then it says I’ve been disconnected from the server. Last night, when I got disconnected, it wouldn’t let me reconnect unless I restarted the game.

I know the game has just launched, so some bugs are to be expected, but given the sheer number of bugs in the known issues list, it seems clear that this game was launched a fair while before it was fully baked, probably so they had a big title out for the holiday season. Hopefully they can get things patched up reasonably quickly.


It’s even worse than it was now. I’ve not been able to complete a single Horizon Tour. All of them have dropped me out of the races back to the open world today.

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There’s also the constant booting back to the Xbox dashboard from Horizon Tour whilst waiting for the next race which is what has been happening all day today.

Series X version btw.

You must be almost the only one lmao.

I’ve been playing for a week now and most sessions have between 2 or 5 people in them, there is just no enough people to play the new forzathon or whatever it’s called let alone the eliminator

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