Test Track Airfield (Forza)

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Test Track Airfield

Test Track Airfield is a fictional environment located in the Mojave Desert, Southwestern United States. It appears in FM5, FM6 and FM7.

My favorite thing here was to drift Gymkhana-style around the airplanes, shipping containers, and into/out of airplane hangers!

The surface had just the perfect feel for drifting as it is not as sticky as the typical race tracks.

I would love to see a track-maker setting to allow customizations of barriers and breakable items, or just a selection of drift-friendly courses.

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Here is a little sample of the potential Hooning one can do…

Test Track Airfield features five layouts and three drag racing configurations, with the latter having 2-car and 8-car variants, for a total of eleven layouts.

  • Full Circuit
  • Open Space
  • Terminal
  • Hangars
  • Cargo Yard
  • 2-Car Drag 1/4-Mile
  • 2-Car Drag 1/2-Mile
  • 2-Car Drag 1-Mile
  • 8-Car Drag 1/4-Mile
  • 8-Car Drag 1/2-Mile
  • 8-Car Drag 1-Mile
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Perhaps add more events to multiplayer like bringing back the airfield and having it for open class, infection or king. Many people in open class on the airfield did what they wanted, play hide and seek, do take overs, drag racing and chasing people. Also car meets or shows. Now that’s fun if you ask me.


What about different layouts, the Track itself was sort of freestyle and there was an outer layout you could cut the track with, adding that as a separate layout would be cool

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Maybe have different layouts for the course depending on the Genre of the visit:
Car meet setups with raised platforms for showing off prize rides…
Drift layouts with dynamic obstacles to hit, or smart objects that can show you how close you’re getting to it… or something…
Drag race layout along the landing strip with appropriate walls and emergency sand pit…
Hide and seek mode with a huge container labyrinth…
Implement game mode modifiers like the ability to TAG one another… or have a Zombie mode…

And there’ nothing stopping them from implementing a track creator mode, where you could go all flying camera placing objects mode, or just drive around and have the track checkpoints plopped where you want them…

Oh, and they should add drones so you can park in the corner and fly around looking at all the cars… maybe even just tracking particular cars that are drifting or racing…

The possibilities are almost endless… but this would all just as easily apply to any track.
So there’s that.

(along the same lines as what MALLARDGAMEZ was talking about.)