Test Track Airfield Rivals | Sept. 8 - 13

Featured Rivals: Test Track Airfield

Get the 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B STi Forza Edition and the Test Track Airfield Driver Gear as you test your skills on this abandoned airfield, weaving in and out of the aircraft hangars. Also earn the legendary High Flyer Driver Gear if you place in the top 30% on the leaderboard when the event closes

Deadline 2022-09-20T22:59:00Z (4pm Pacific UTC-7)
Track Airfield Circuit, Day
Car Subaru 22B FE

Head to the FM7 Single Player Rivals menu and select Featured Rivals to participate. Players can run as many laps as they wish to improve their time by the close of the event.


Rewards will be gifted to all eligible recipients after the event has closed via the in-game Message Center. Driver Gear gifts unlock in the Driver Gear menu. Reward cars must be downloaded from the Gifts messages; you must have room in your garage to receive the car. Custom liveries may not appear in the garage preview menu until an upgrade has been saved to the car; if deleted, custom liveries cannot be recovered.