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(OFFICIAL RISING HORIZON COMMUNITY FORUM MADE BY TEAM VINTAGE JAPAN) Street/Touge Drifting discussions, and registration for the RISING HORIZON (Drifting Community)

Team Vintage Japan is building a new game out of Forza Horizon

Team Vintage Japan is a project started by me, where full immersion of Japan and its car culture/driving style is brought to video games. Where people can experience intense and simulated driving actions and take part in events. That’s often seen in Japan, and celebrated. As full immersion and simulation is our first priority when it comes to any driving action we do, as we truly want to be there ourselves. To us we don’t see forza as how its presented, instead we see it as a opportunity to bring japan to the base game. By totally wiping any part of the country given (Austrialia currently), and totally bringing/presenting Japan as the actual base game. As in our game, WE ARE IN JAPAN.

This is why we are proud to present Rising Horizon which a new community and game started by Team Vintage Japan, that when joining this community. You will be able to join a community of Touge/Street drifters, Wangan Runners, and Touge Racers. That all drive and drift properly, with everyone doing driving actions similar to real life. Think of this community as when forza had user created lobbies (for example Forza 4), now you will be able to find people that drive and drift properly. With now not worrying about people trying to hit you, or actively trying to make your driving experience a terrible one. As now you will be with and able to connect with other people that have the same passion as you do. For wanting to experience a full simulated driving experience, with being totally immersed with Japans culture.

Any drift team/group can join this community as well :slight_smile:

(Disclaimer) - Whichever country Forza Horizon is based around, Team Vintage Japan (The Street Style Family) will always perceive this based country as Japan. That’s why there are many references to Japan, even though we are in this perceived based country currently (Australia). As our team is based in Japan.

Here is the activities in our game RISING HORIZON (racing community) we are providing, for a full simulated experience.

Street/Touge drifting - Will bring Japan’s street life, to forza.

Car Restrictions:

  • Nothing above 650hp

(A Message About Horsepower Usage)

  • Japanese Domestic Cars Only (Any car that was manufactured from Japan)

  • YOU MUST HAVE A JAPANESE LICENSE PLATE (Unless you have a design on the car, that’s not yours. Then just remove your plate)

In order to remove your plate, go to the garage section of the Horizon Festival. Then press the license plate section. There will be a remove license plate button at the bottom of the screen, it will say press “X” "To remove plate. (The arrow is pointing to it) The plate you see behind it, is the license plate vinyl i put on the car.

After pressing the “X” button, the license plate came off. The plate you see, is a vinyl license plate. I will talk about this in a moment.

(All of these Japanese License plates came up, by putting in the description “Japan Plate” (capitals does not matter) when searching for a decal.

Go to the garage section of the Horizon Festival, and go to designs and paints section. Go to “APPLY DECALS.” When searching up a decal, put in the description “Japan Plate” “JDM Plate” or Japanese Plate" (capitals does not matter) When putting these words in the description, and searching. You will get a whole bunch of japanese plates to put on your car.

When getting your Japanese plate, put it on the license plate holder. (MAKE SURE TO SIZE IT PROPERLY, SO IT DOES NOT LOOK WEIRD)

There are many license plates you will see, just from searching those three key words in the description ( “Japan Plate” “JDM Plate” or Japanese Plate"). The diagram above, explains the different colors of Japanese license plates. Also, what each plate/text color of a Japanese license plate means

One plate, those diagrams does not talk about is the Japanese license plates with a red slash. These are temporary registration plates, for cars that don’t have a actual registration. In Japan

There’s a lot of fake Japanese plates, when you search up any of the three keywords in the description. ( “Japan Plate” “JDM Plate” or Japanese Plate") But its important to know if you are running with a fake or a real registered plate, when it comes to choosing your own Japanese Plate.

You are allowed to run fake Japanese plates, or even cover your plate with any material you like (You must put the plate on the car first, before you cover it with something), or frame your license plate

Here Are Examples:

Framed Plate

Covered License Plates

  • No Team/Competition themed designs, from anywhere in the world except from Japan

Team Vintage Japan encourages street drifting designs, real life Japanese drift team designs from Japan, or even d1 designs.

  • Engine swaps allowed (BUT NO VR38 ENGINE, RACING ENGINE, or V8)

  • You MUST use either stock tires, or street tires. Tire width for both tire categories, is your choice.



When drifting, this will encourage you to make more precise driving decisions. As your car will actually be at stake, if you make a false judgement. (Don’t worry about light taps from other cars, or if you give a light tap to the car in front of you. While drifting) As any actual damage to your car, which includes (Engine, Steering, Clutch, Transmission, and Driveline) will be from (For Ex. Ramming into a car or object, miss shift from clutch, downshifting to a lower gear while your car is in a really high gear, which causes strain to the gears, ETC) From any light tap to your car from another car, the worst case scenario is just bodywork damage. Which barely affects the car, compared to the other methods of damage. This will also help balance cars when drifting, as higher horsepower cars will wear out there tires more faster than lower horsepower cars. Due to this, higher horsepower cars will be slower as time progresses. With lower horsepower cars now being able to better keep up with higher horsepower cars while drifting. You can change tires, or repair the Bodywork and internal damages of your car (Resetting your car, by switching it from Simulation to None. Then back to simulation, all from the difficulty menu) whenever you want :slight_smile:

HORN ALERTING COMMANDS: (These commands MUST be done, even if you can verbally say the command verbally from the party. Due to too many people talking in the party, some people not being able to connect to the party, some people not having a working mic, etc)

  • When you’re ready to set off, two horn presses

  • When there is traffic on the left side of the road, one long horn press. If there is traffic on the right side of the road, two long horn presses (EVERYONE DRIFTING IN THE GROUP MUST DO THIS)

For example, you should have honked your horn twice when you saw that right lane truck ahead of you.

  • If someone spin out, or crashes in front of you. One long horn press. (If more than 2 people are drifting in a group)

Although these are the only horn commands stated, if you feel the need to alert a driver of a possible unforeseen danger. DO SO, as we all want each other to be safe when drifting.

Brake/Reverse Lights Commands: (These commands MUST also, be done)

  • If you want to lead at the start of a line up, for a any road we decide to drift on. Drive to the front of the line up, and blink your rear lights rapidly. This will notify the entire group of your intentions, instead of cutting in front and possibly messing someone up while they are drifting. If you are already at the front of a line up, and want someone else to lead the line up. Blink your reverse lights. (Be careful to not damage your transmission, in the process of these commands)

  • When resetting your car at the Start/End of any road we decide to drift on. In order to change the tires/repair the Bodywork and internal damages of your car. (Resetting your car, by switching it from Simulation to None. Then back to simulation, all from the difficulty menu). Make sure to have your reverse lights on before you reset, as everyone in the group will know that you are unable to go. As you are trying to reset your damage, on your car.



  • FORM A SINGLE FILE LINE, WHEN SETTING OFF ON ANY ROAD WE DECIDE TO DRIFT ON. (The leader of the group will sound the two horns, when everyone is ready. And when the single file line is formed)


  • STAY IN YOUR LANE, WHEN TOUGE DRIFTING. (If there is a car in your lane, just go around it. And go right back into your lane

Unless we have van blockers, blocking a certain section of road from traffic. This rule WILL be in place. As traffic is too much of an uncertainty, and always switching in between lanes is too much of an danger.

If you don’t do this, this may happen to you…

  • Some roads feature a physical lane divider, in the middle of the road. DO NOT CROSSOVER THE LANE DIVIDER. You can avoid it by using the road around it, either the non - oncoming lane or oncoming lane (Oncoming lane at your own risk)

  • Running over a little bit of grass on the side of the road is ok, but some roads feature curbs on the side of them. Try not to run over the curbs.

  • If you do spin out, or crash. Try to get out of the way, as fast as you can. In order to not affect the group, that’s driving behind you.

  • DO NOT OVERTAKE ANYONE, ON ANY ROAD THAT WE DECIDE TO DRIFT ON. This is to avoid crashing into someone, startling someone, or messing up yourself and having the whole group drifting, crash into you.

  • Don’t cut over the sides of roads (For Ex. Curbs, grass, etc), in order to get somewhere faster

  • When you want to reset your damage, on any road we decide to drift on. Make sure to park on the side of the road. BUT NOT WHERE OBVIOUSLY, WE WILL HIT YOU. (For Ex. Parking on the side of the road, where you are right next to a corner. As we need as much space as we can get, when trying to extend a drift on a corner, when trying to transition into another corner, if there’s a car on the non - incoming or oncoming lane, etc) This is why, it is best for you to park your car on a straight or a uninhabited part of the course (Gas Station, Parking Lot, ETC) when we are drifting.

  • When drifting on any Point To Point Route, RESET YOUR DAMAGE AT THE END OF THE ROUTE. OR, if you do have a accident. Go to the side of the road, and reset your damage. After resetting, just finish the rest of the route. Then follow turnaround procedure.

  • When you are away, make sure to park your car on the side of the road.

  • Be careful when mongi drifting (Drifting from side to side on a straight road) YOU MUST give each other space when doing this, as all mongi speed will vary. Based on how much angle you want to get before transitioning, your tire wear, how much horsepower you have, etc. Also with the fact, that some members don’t even want to mongi the straight roads. Due to this, its VERY IMPORTANT. That everyone gets their space when it comes to straights, as many different potential incidents can occur. Team Vintage Japan encourages: Mongiing at whatever speed your comfortable with. If you don’t want to mongi straights, you don’t have too. OR, just follow behind the person monjing in front of you. (With giving the person plenty of space, so that he is able to monji at whatever angle at will, and save it.) We also ask that, if you are unable to properly monji down a straight road. (For Ex. Running up on the curb beside you, hitting traffic, or hitting any other destructible idem) That you refrain from monjiing, as you are too unstable to participate in such a activity.

Team Vintage Japan also encourages monji tandems, but if you don’t fully understand the person’s monjing speeds. DON’T DO IT, WE WANT NO ACCIDENTS.

  • All street drifting, will be be turn focused. On intersection drifting. (Focusing on one turn only, and not a full on course) Due to this, all street drifting will be now point to point ONLY.

With this rule, and street routes that feature a long set of turns, that does not utalize any type of intersections. Will be used at its fullest.

With members being inconsistent with avoiding traffic, and curbs. This is the safest option for the team, with this rule going directly by real life street drifting actions.

  • When drifting, make sure to give cars space. My team encourages and loves tandem drifting, as its really fun to try and sync your speed and angle while drifting. But if you are not yet really confident with the person your tandeming with, then please do be cautions. Little bumps do happen when drifting, but we do want to prevent a huge accident. That can mess up the whole group, when drifting.

  • When drifting on the wire of the tire (When your tire is at 100%), do be careful. As at this time, your car is most sensitive. BUT, TEAM VINTAGE JAPAN ENCOURAGES: For you to stick it out, and see how long you can last on 100% tires. Now, that does not mean to just spin out everywhere. By all means, if you cant drift on 100% tires. DON’T.


There will be some members that will back out of this, and there will be some members that will be able to stick it out. EACH CHOICE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY FINE. BUT, DO BE CAUTIOUS WHILE DRIFTING. Although you may have pulled aside, so that you can change your tires. Some members will have stuck it out, and will still be drifting. Due to this, these members will be slower than you. As they are drifting on VERY WORN TIRES, and you are not. That does NOT, give you the permission to pass them. You drift behind them, until they see fit to go off the main course or end of a route. In order to change their tires.

  • Don’t hit an Ai car or break a fence, guard rail, light pole, turn sign, etc. (On Purpose) In order to go somewhere faster, when drifting. I know sometimes it cant be helped, but please do try not to hit these destructible objects. As soon as you hit a Ai car, it breaks and comes to a complete stop. This makes it very hard to avoid the car, when drifting in a group. Debris in this game, can also really affect a person’s car when drifting. (For Ex. straightening out the car, making the car oversteer, or understeer) Due to this, it can mess up the whole group of cars that’s drifting.

This is a ongoing problem, as there has been carelessness with avoid some of these objects. Some of these problems, are linked to the TRAFFIC. As traffic is totally oblivious to you, and will try to screw you over any way possible. DUE TO THIS, TAKE PRECAUTIONS PLEASE. THERE HAVE BEEN TOO MANY INCIDENTS, if you know something is up with the traffic ahead (Traffic cars phasing in and out, glitching out, or do something really weird) Don’t just floor it, alert the other members (by honking) to slow down until you pass the hazardous vehicle.


The only exceptions to things you can hit, is drift taping those flagpoles on drift zones. (I MEAN DRIFT TAPPING THE BLUE FLAG, NOT JUST PLOWING INTO THE WHOLE POLE) I mean, that’s why those poles are there anyway :wink: Its ok if they fall though, as even when you drift tap the flag part of the pole. It will still fall down

  • Mistakes can be made, as i know this is a huge weight and change for a lot of Forza players. But if that responsibility and determination to try to assimilate to these rules. Is not there, or is not being improved or worked on. Then this is not the drift team for you…

  • Have fun!!!


Although there are a lot of drift styles on our team (Slower than average drifters, Crazy angle drifters, spark drifters, tandem drifters, etc) ALL STYLES WILL BE RESPECTED. There are some people on my team, that does not like when cars get too close to them. As these people prefer for there car to look pristine, at all times. Due to this, some drivers prefer for cars to keep their difference when drifting. With this, there are some drifters that like for there doors to be absolutely bashed. Or just like close drifting, and don’t mind a few scratches and dents. With keeping all my members best interests in mind. All perfereded drifting styles, WILL BE RESPECTED.



My team strives for as realistic experience as possible, when it comes to any driving game. As we are trying our absolute hardest to replicate, and simulate real life driving habits in any driving game. Due to this, all of these rules and procedures are here for safety and precautions. As we do not want accidents to happen, and we want everything to go smoothly while drifting.


Its not about showing off, seeing who can get the most angle, who can tandem the best, or who can do reverse entries, 360s, etc. IT’S ABOUT HAVING FUN, AND JUST DRIFTING TOGETHER. DONT SCREW SOMEONE OVER, JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT SHOW THAT YOU’RE APPARENTLY A “BETTER DRIFTER.” NO CARES ABOUT THAT, WE JUST ALL WANT TO DRIFT TOGETHER.

Here is what we want touge drifting to look like, in forza. Please reference these videos, if you are unclear for the type of drifting this team is going for. These videos are footage of the TSJ ALL STARS drifting group, and Team Vintage Japan highly respects these drivers. As they represent the type of driving skills and habits, were looking for. When it comes to touge drifting. (As we want as simulated experience as possible, when it comes to this activity)




A cool touge drifting video :slight_smile:

刈谷市から峠にドリフト遠征 - YouTube 刈谷市から峠にドリフト遠征 (Translated) = Drift expedition to pass from Kariya City

Here is what we want street drifting to look like, in forza. Please reference these videos, if you are unclear for the type of drifting this team is going for. As these videos represent the type of driving skills and habits, were looking for. When it comes to street drifting. (As we want as simulated experience as possible, when it comes to this activity)

street drift in japan - YouTube street drift in japan

10年前くらいの大黒埠頭 奥L ストリートドリフト 走り屋 street drift 1 - YouTube ドリフト street drift

TeamA99E | illegal Street Drifting in Japan | グループドリフト | アナーキースタイル - YouTube illegal Street Drifting in Japan

- YouTube 【ストリート】深夜の横浜・大黒の交差点で集団公道ドリフト (Translated) = [Street] population on public roads drift at the intersection of the Yokohama-Daikoku of midnight

- YouTube 【ストリート】深夜の横浜・大黒ふ頭ドリフト集会 (Translated) = [Street] midnight of Yokohama Daikokufuto drift

Yokohama Street Drifting | 10.20.12 - YouTube Yokohama Street Drifting | 10.20.12

Yokohama Street Drift - YouTube Yokohama Street Drift

Tokyo Street Drift - YouTube Tokyo Street Drift

Just a idea for now - (How we are going to deal with traffic) (This can work with Street drifting ONLY, as Touge Routes are too long)

Unfortunately, the only way currently to have no traffic in your game is through starting a bucket list. But since you can only have two people in a bucket list event, it won’t work. Due to this, the only way to stop traffic, is to manually do it. Lets take a regular 8 lane intersection, we will have a GMC Vans stationed on 3 main oncoming lanes and one incoming lane. The one incoming lane, is the lane that we will continue to drift back and forth from. This will result in four GMC vans being used, or three. (It depends how many entrances the intersection has) This will only leave 9 to 8 drifters drifting at a time. With people rotating positions, from van to drifter. This is a good strategy to get rid of traffic. Unfortunately though, this will leave us with focusing on one turn at a time, to drift on. This is very realistic to real life, as focusing on one turn gives you less things to worry about. Than doing a combination of turns, and easily attracting unwanted attention (cops). I’m afraid this is the only way we will be able to deal with traffic, until another method is found about getting rid of traffic in Forza Horizon 3. I will be working towards this strategy, as this will definitely work. I just need the people to help me attempt it.


PLEASE DRIFT RESPONSIBLY. We of course encourage dangerous driving, and mistakes are apart of drifting. But take responsibility for your actions, if you mess up. Know your limits, and know that there is a person behind you that can end up in the same distressful state your in.

This team is trying to promote real driving habits and driving procedures, when it comes to illegal Street/Touge drifting. Due to this, Team Vintage Japan asks that… When touge drifting or street drifting, please be considerate of the other drivers around you. We take this activity VERY SERIOUSLY. If we feel we cant trust you, when drifting on any type of road. You will not drift with the people in this community again.

Overall, i want to bring a higher level of responsibility to people playing forza. That other communities normally don’t present, because i think its important to be able to have fun. But still to be able to respect other drivers, and there cars. By the way, if a mistake is made during any drifting. It is fine, this team even takes new forza members. You don’t have to be a high skill level, or even be comfortable with tandeming. I just want to create a team, that all drivers respect one another and there cars. And can drift together, and have fun at the same time.

If you’re interested in bringing japan’s drifting car culture to Forza, here’s how to register for the RISING HORIZON community

1 - Gamertag

Registration complete, easy right xD

(Registration procedure)

After registering for the Rising Horizon (drifting community), i will ask you a few questions. Either through xbox messenger, or through a party. Then we will have a drift session. If i see that your driving is following with the team’s driving procedures, and shows real life driving attributes. Your registration will be complete :slight_smile:

When registering, please give me a day or two to reach you. Sometimes it may be right away, but sometimes i can be busy. Due to this, one day or two is sometimes required. Thank You

I have run out of characters on the first forum post xD So All Cities, Tracks, Team Drifting photos, Information/Signing up for team ONLY/ non - only team events, and Team Drift Meet Inquires. Will be posted on the second page of the team forum.


The idea of this community (RISING HORIZON), is something i hold dear. AS THIS COMMUNITIES STANDARDS, IS JUST AS IF ITS REAL LIFE. Don’t just join to be on a team, join because you believe in this idea. And that drifting in general by the Forza community, is being falsely represented through the real life actions of drifting in real life. I say this to not only make people understand that this is not just a community of just drifters, but to make people understand that this community is here to represent what driving and drifting on the street really looks like.

Thanks For Reading :slight_smile: (ありがとうございました)


I an interested in joining but not now but later on another account, Could you add me on messenger or Instagram so we can talk?

I want to join but on another account later on, could you add me on messenger or instagrammso we can chat?

This sounds great, I’d mostly be interested in Touge and street drifting. I’m not the worlds greatest drifter but I very much enjoy sliding and just cruising too.

GT is NegSpec13 by the way!

I would love to join in the Touge, Kanjozoku, and Wangan Midnight style.

GT is JDMSingh0405

Good stuff here, excited to see what becomes of it!

Hi there Im interested in the Street/touge drifting, the wangan midnight races, and the hot version races.

Thanks to all that have said that you are interested, i will contact you guys soon :slight_smile:

The people that have had a drift session and passed their registration, have been posted. As well as original members, and new other members of the team. Major changes to the Street/Touge drifting section of the team. This will help everyone understand the type of drifting we want represented of the team.

Sweet I always wanted to try Tandem but never really had a chance to try it. although id consider myself more of a powerslider than a drifter… I don’t mind taking the role of the police since Keiichi Tsuchiya aka DK himself has trained cops - YouTube

Wow, thank you. I was not expecting for someone to take that role so early, we will definitely get back to you on that. As our procedure of going about the Kanjozoku in Forza Horizon 3, for a simulated experience. Is still being researched, but thank you. This helps alot :slight_smile:

Let’s drift!

Im up for the challenge!

Gamertag: BzrK InfA, i am interested in the japan style car meets and the wagan midnights

Very interested. Lets get it going.

Ebisucircuit311 very interested.

TongiLongy i am very interested :slight_smile:

I like the thought of oldschool drifting


Sorry i also forgot to include my interest in touge and wangan :1

Video links have been posted on the forum, showing exactly the type of drifting the team wants to replicate. Also, the type of skill the team is looking for. So please reference these videos, if you’re still unsure of the type of drifting this team is trying to replicate in game. Also, more rules have been added. Due to this, please check the rules again to make sure you run your car properly during drifting sessions :slight_smile: (As the team wants as simulated experience as possible when it comes to drifting) Also, there has been leniency to the horsepower restriction (BE RESPONSIBLE WHEN IT COMES TO HOW MUCH HORSEPOWER YOU WANT TO HAVE IN YOUR CAR). If you have any questions on the team, Rules of the team, or anything else. please feel free to message me through pm on the forum, or message me through my gamertag on xbox.