Tankito Doritos Outfit promo | Oct - Dec 30th

Today, in the US and select international markets, Xbox joins forces with fan favorite snack Doritos and energy beverage Rockstar Energy Drink to unveil special edition packaging featuring iconic game franchises from the world of Xbox.

From October 3 until December 30, 2022 each purchase of specially marked Rockstar Energy Drink cans or Doritos bags will have a code to enter at www.doritosrockstarenergy.com to receive two codes (for Xbox and Steam) at the email address you use to register. Redeeming the code will add the Tankito Doritos Outfit to the character customization menu in FH5.

In the US, Xbox fans will find their favorite games featured across iconic Rockstar Energy Drink flavors including Original, Sugar Free, Pure Zero Punched and Pure Zero Silver Ice and popular Doritos flavors Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, Spicy Sweet Chili, Spicy Nacho, 3D Crunch Nacho Cheese and 3D Crunch Spicy Ranch. Participating products will vary across international markets.

The special edition Rockstar Energy cans are available in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. While fans in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain will not see specially marked cans in stores, they will be able to enter the sweepstakes to win prizes such as Xbox Series S and first-time Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users in select markets can receive one-month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Fans in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden should be on the lookout for the exclusive packaging available in locations wherever Doritos are sold. Fans in Australia will be able to participate beginning November 4.

See the link above for official details, as well as our FAQ at Forza Support:

If you have any issues adding the outfit to your game, first double check that you used the code for the correct platform, and restart your game and look again. If you have any issues after that, use the link at the bottom of the Forza Support article to submit a ticket.


Gives me a chance to try a Rockstar Energy drink for the first time.

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Skip to 1:06:30 to see the best reaction to the new Doritos outfit. I swear she’s the only real person on these official streams which is why I like watching her:

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Which one? The developer or Charlie?

The female with yellow hair. Is her name Charlie?

They laughed, but it is a funny costume, so that is just a regular response.

Yes. Her name’s Charlie. Not sure on the spelling, but that’s her name.

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Admittedly you don’t pick up on subtle clues/hints like if someone thinks something is ridiculous or if everyone really hates something whenever it appears.

Or maybe you add that to what you see?

I mean you just added it to myself in a single post. You added that I don’t see things.

But anyway being ridiculous is not necessarily a bad thing for a silly costume.

Props to Xbox and the sponsors for not having this one be just another USA-only promo. Those of us living in developing countries still need to jump through hoops to get in on the promo but it is a huge step in the right direction.

I like it. I’m always looking for an excuse to buy more Cool Ranch Doritos. :grin:

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I try to avoid potato chips in general as they are such an unhealthy snack despite tasting so good. I also would rather eat proper chips/wedges if I want a treat.

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I like making nachos with the salsa verde Doritos.

Not potato.

Sounds like there’s alot of Doritos fans here so I’m guessing they have targeted the right people.

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Go on, enjoy some chups and watties onion soup dup!

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100% it’s an ad but regardless of the product I think it’s one of their better promos.

Edit: yeah chips of any type is one of the main reasons I mute open mics.

I would like the Forza clothing to be a Doritos or Rockstar hat or T-shirt instead of the costume. I don’t really like the more off-the-wall costumes and think the players I see wearing them in the Trial podiums just look silly. I like my character to wear more realistic clothing (T-shirt and pants, suit, racing gear) as opposed to Halloween costumes.

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Hahahaha how did you know I’m a Kiwi? Funny.

Personally I like seeing variety like this. In saying that you won’t see me sporting this outfit.

Still better than nail polish.