T3PA Pro

Not sure if this is the correct forum to post hardware questions, if not please redirect.

I just received a T3PA Pro pedal set to replace my original T3PA (non-pro) set. Does anyone have experience regarding the inverted positioning of these pedals? I don’t want to upset my rig positioning, which took a lot of tweaking to get to my sweet spot. Does it feel/perform differently, require more or less effort regarding leverage or throw distance? Is the difference strictly cosmetic?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

I rather like the inverted position. Throw is the same it just leverages from a different angle so its a matter of preference.

One drawback is that the inverted position is more likely to wander away from your foot from the force of your feet pressing on them, I usually find a box or board to place behind the T3PA to resolve this.

As with all things of this nature give it a go and see what you think.

But I’ve never gone back to the original position on mine. Love the t500 and T3PA combo.

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Thanks for your feedback. I think I’ll give it a shot.

What do you mean by “more likely to wander away from your foot”? Do you mean the entire pedal set moves or something else? My pedals are bolted to my rig’s pedal plate so that wouldn’t be an issue unless you mean something else.

Some people use a desk for their wheel, and floor for the pedals. So they often suffer with pedals moving while being used. Especially with the brake being pressed.

I always recommend people use a wheel stand at the very least, and a full wheel rig and seat if they have the room. Gt omega classic wheel stand is my choice. Folds away, plus it can be upgraded with a seat frame at a later date. That’s what I did with mine.

As for the t3pa pros. I just got them myself, and they are great in the inverted position. I much prefer them in that configuration, feels more natural to me. Braking feels so much better as well, and I find it easier to control pressure. In conjunction with the conical brake mod included. I would highly suggest trying them in the gt position. It’s worth the effort in my opinion.

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Have you tried the spring mod which comes with the Pro? I might give that a shot. I use the rubber brake mod on my non-pro and love it but it would be interesting to try the spring.

I didn’t try the spring mod.

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Just tried the spring mod. I like it. Very stiff but more impressive for me is it’s progressive. Comes down to taste I suppose but if you adjust your “decelerate deadzones” it feels real. There are several screw locations available on the pedal set, I would recommend the second set of holes, (the second stiffest setting), if that makes sense.

Overall quite pleased with the set. Too bad Thrustmaster didn’t include a back plate to cover the internals when using the inverted option. Looks “unfinished”. I may make a backplate at work to cover the internals. Shouldn’t have to but…

After playing with the spring mod I’m back to the conical rubber mod. Spring feels great but times were off. Also it hampers pedal calibration unless put in the most rigid position which requires more effort than reasonable. More noticeable in Assetto Corsa but not good in either game time wise. Switched to the rubber mod and times were back on track and feeling was better. Oh well, I gave it a chance.

Spring mod not recommended but inverted position is cool.

I use the Pros inverted and love them that way. It seems to me that your feet are in a more comfortable position. As to them “walkin” I have them mounted to a Fanatec Wheelstand Pro. While the pedals do not move, as they are bolted to the stand, I have done the “load-cell” mod ( from Ricmoteck) and it takes 150 #'s of pressure to reach 100% braking. My problem is keeping my chair from pushing back from the wheelstand.

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