Syncing data failing after Xbox reinstall

Unfortunately due to issues I had to factory reinstall my Xbox One (not a Forza Issue)

Now, after reinstalling F6 inc all dlcs, vip etc I go to start the game and it as expects goes to Syncing Data.
After a random percentage, it fails. I try, try and try again and it fails each time.
I leave F6 as the only running program, and running it in the foreground.
I’ve even disabled the network connection for all other devices on my network, to ensure it’s undisturbed.
There are no internet connection issues, 19.5Mbps download/1.2Mbps upload average with less than 10ms response time.

There’s a lot of game time I’ve put into F6 and I don’t really want to loose it, so any assistance would be appreciated.

That is what you need to do. Just let it go, but reduce it to the main window in your Dashboard without anything else running. It can take hours and hours, no matter what “speed rating” you have from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Remember, that is what the ISP gives you to your nearest Central Office and they only guarantee 80% of the quoted rating. Out in the vast Internet you do NOT receive those speeds all over the place.

If you get a screen which says it “failed,” “Try again . . .” Do so.

I shall of course keep trying, no point in giving up all that progress.
I reinstalled Forza Horizon 2 earlier, and the sync ran to 100% with no issues.
I am currently trying FM6 again and it’s getting to about 17% and failing each time :frowning: