Suspension Tuning For Off-road vs. On-road

Just thought we could throw a thread together to discuss this topic. I only got to play about an hour this morning before work. There has to be an optimum setup for each surface. Share your results here if you please.

My train of thought so far is that for predominantly off-road races you would want higher ground clearance and maybe a bit softer setup than for a road course. I didn’t dive into upgrades yet, but I would think they would have a rally/off road tire choice in there since FM5 had a drag tire.

Your spot on about the ride height, and springs but they don’t have any tire options beyond the different levels of street tires.

You’re spot on with the suspension. My low ride height setups tend to slide all over the place on the grass. On way to patch it is AWD, the other is a proper tune…