SUPPORT: Issues launching FM6 Ultimate Edition?

Early access to Forza Motorsport 6 begins today for Forza 6 Ultimate Edition owners!

I wanted to make people aware of an issue with launching Ultimate Edition today. Players who purchased the Ultimate Edition before 8/31 but have not since updated their Xbox One, have disabled auto-updates, or have not gone online since pre-ordering, may still have just the Forza Motorsport 6 “stub file” (essentially a placeholder) on their Xbox consoles, and not the full pre-downloaded version of the game. For those players, launching the stub file will cause the game to return to the dashboard without prompting the player to download a CU for the full game. Affected players can simply delete this stub file and re-download the game from “My Games & Apps” but will need to download the full game before being able to play it.

An easy way to find out whether you have the full game or the stub file is to look at the image associate with the game. Examples:

Full Game Image

Stub File Image

While we expect this problem to only affect a minimum number of players, I wanted to make sure that those affected know that we were aware of the problem.

Thanks and enjoy early access to FM6!



Definitely got me. Re-installing…

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I’m having a whole different set of issues…
It installed all the DLC to Forza Motorsport 5… and shows all my Forza Motorsport 5 DLC is now gone.

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Mine says updating and stuck at 1%???

Mine als well, for 10 Minuten already!

I have the full game image, but it does exactly what you describe.

I did too. Now I’m reinstalling and it’s sitting at 1%.

Another strange thing…all of my DLC for Forza 6 shows the Forza 5 icon in the bottom corner. If I try to launch Forza 6 from one of the DLCs it starts Forza 5.

Hey! I’m at 2% now…

Same situation here, but with my internet speeds I’ll be lucky to have it down again before the 15th.

Same here, had the full 45 gig downloaded already, now today it’s redownloading all 45 gig. Not happy

Hit me als well, and doesn’t load​:rage::grin::grin::grin:

same for me show full game logo and doesn’t start I’m just have to download it again

I have the full game image too but all my dlc says it’s still preordered.

Thanks for the update, a bit late though :frowning:
But I saw the full game image and not the stub file image, and still had the same problem.

hope mine will be installed before the live show. (atm 4%)

Also have full game image and booted to dashboard. Uninstalled and stuck at 1%

I have the same issue as everyone else. Stuck at 1% with the full image. And when the dlc popped up they all had a forza 5 thumbnail imag .

so because of this can we get doms car

***, this could take longer.
1% is between 3 and5 minutes, which makes 100% at least 300 minutes.
I could be happy, if I can get a short glimpse of the game, before I got to go to work., which is in a bit more than 7 hours.

Couldn’t you install someone FAST SERVER for the Update, it will take Hours!!!

I paid for this???
How is it posible you made and update at the time you are supposed to be playing??? You have many days before to do that.
Before 15:01 CET it says that is too early to play the game and at 1500 it starts to make an update!!! And it’s taken more than usual. It’s on 3% and it has 40 minutes downloading??
What time I’m supposed to be playing??? Tomorrow??? Who is going to refund me for this issue??? Because I paid more to play it early.!!!


No you didn’t! You paid more for a bunch of add-ons, the early access was just a pleasant bonus.

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