Super 7 high stakes - let's discuss

I think this mode been overpromised and underdelivered because after completing 70+ of them, I now only get ‘get here in 28 seconds and beat the speed limit’. Not very exciting and definitely not challenging, quite the opposite actually.

I think they float high to S7HS because when people get them, they simply skip and ignore them. I too burn as many as I can if I see them.

The concept is great and so is the idea but I think more needs to be done to get better challenges for others to see. I’m certain there are great ones that I’ll never see because the algorithm is biased towards easy and quick ones.

For starters:

  • filter for custom worlds true/false kind of thing
  • add option to filter for how long creator spent on their creations as anything under 10 minutes is 99% guaranteed waste of time
  • continue browsing ‘NEW’ section
  • mark completed challenges as ‘played’
    and most importantly
  • default option after the race is CANCEL, not like

Similar problems haunted custom races, with them never updating the front page and the popular tab flooded with cheat races. You just have to hope and pray you’ll get incredibly lucky in the newest tab if you ever want to drive anything new of quality.

Custom races went on to be woefully under supported, ditched in favour of eliminator and super 7. Such a waste.


Custom races have at least pretty good search - or at least much more comprehensive than S7.

i think you just expected more than what was being offered lol

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ofc I did as that’s what was promised. Just played another deck of S7HS and it was the same challenges all over… drag race, jump, highway runs - all done within 15s to 1 minute. Snoozefest

So I noticed they were available last week. I have since done a number of them. Easily 3 or more out of the 7-series are drag races. All drag races are at the Horizon Festival…and almost each one starts you directly behind the guardrail. Any reason for this? The few that didn’t instead put you a little ways up the road. I’m thinking they actually tested it and thought “Hey, this sucks”

Also, what is the risk, what is the reward? I have been offered one decent car so far. The next thing to compare to it was something offered on the 7th race…so what am I risking? A few CR, 2 wheelspins, a new dance, and a horn. Um, underwhelming.

Same complaint with the tracks as with Super 7. Most of the offerings are just pitiful. Now, granted, I would not expect some of the higher-level rail riding stuff that some of the members here have developed, but please, something more than “Go here to here,” “Do the windmill…again!”, and of course, your favorite and mine, “Horizon Festival Drag Race!..but in a Mustang!!”

I hate complaining. I enjoy the game, I enjoy aspects others tend not to like. I enjoy the diversity of it all. The potential for the Super 7 and Super 7 HS is incredible. But the reality leaves me wanting.


I’m so bored of doing these challenges despite quite liking the idea of a high stakes challenge.


Due to boredom inbetween Forzathon Lives I gave the High Stakes another go despite previous attempts failing miserably.
In short the first 6 rewards offered were

Gold Waistcoat
50,000 credits
Gold Jacket
‘Going Home’ car horn
the ‘Chamone’ emoji wotsit

I was booted from the event despite having 1 Burn option remaining and no lives left.
But I already owned all the above ‘rewards’ despite not winning them.

Overall, a pointless exercise and 20 minutes of my life I won’t get back.
Never again… and yes I did ‘dislike’ all 6 of the events offered. They were all devised by bellends.


My experience with Super7 High Stakes in three acts:

1: First 5 are mostly “here’s a basic challenge, let’s just get this over with shall we?” With the creator sometimes blatantly acknowledging they’re doing you a favour to get the drudgery over with.

2: The 6th and 7th will be a 50/50 chance of a either;

  • A troll challenge designed specifically for you to fail, or
  • A legitimate challenge that the designer may have only intended for normal Super7 and expected you to fail and learn, not nail it first time in sudden death.

3: Succeed (mainly by assessing the motive of the creator, certainly not in any “high stakes”, assessment of the merits of a particular challenge), then proceed to NOT be awarded the Backstage Pass.

On a side note, I always keep backstage passes in reserve for season change-over but I spent my last ones to see if starting with a balance of 0 meant I was actually awarded. Nope. Have missed three by last count since S7HS started… Have logged a support ticket.


This I totally agree with. I’ve seen some nice challenges but the system only gives you three lives so it’s almost impossible.

You then get into a situation where you either try on the 2 lives or burn the cards and end up back at square one trying to learn with only 2 or 1 life left.

Also agree the final challenge card can be awful! Fairly easy to get to the final one but the last one if it’s a troll challenge just frustrates me!

As said many times before the prizes are also a waste of time. Last week the top prize was a backstage pass. I wanted it to complete my car collection but I swear it took me about a hour and a half and maybe 8 - 10 reruns to actually complete it! Sometimes it’s just a fluke on the final card.

This weeks prizes consist of a Jeep Cherokee 14 which is worth nothing and not even a h2f or expensive car and a top prize of a super wheel spin. Not even worth bothering to grid for that!

At least the regular S7 had a 2020 Camaro Stingray!


I’m so tired of getting to the final round of High Stakes, getting three troll challenges that are impossible to beat, and then having to do the whole thing over again.

Super 7 is just pure boredom and misery.


My “favorite” was the danger sign jump with a stock Austin 7 (top speed 35mph). It barely makes it up the ramp with a rolling start and then it just tumbles over the edge. And the challenge was like 500 ft.

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I would be happy for them to drop the mode completely and just have a different prize once a day for regular super 7. It was a nice idea, but got abused and didn’t work

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Update: Support has said they are aware that some players don’t get awarded Backstage Passes after complete High Stakes, so marked my ticket as ‘resolved’.

I guess the silver lining is that I am no longer compelled to even bother with the mode ever again.


Just tried this for the first time. It is terrible isn’t it? They still have challenges in a foreign language. And half of them are impossible to beat, like here’s a high powered RWD car in wet conditions, you start facing a metal barrier on the drag strip and have to set a speed which there is some trick to you getting, like turning around first and driving down a side road to get a proper run up. The built-in pauses everywhere forcing you to wait and wait at every point rather than just letting you get on with it. It’s all really badly thought out, stupid and tedious.

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It really annoyes the hell out of me. Why they cant be translated? worst part is, you cant avoid them in high stakes.
As for the difficulty, many are not impossible, the problem is you only have 3 tries total.
If you fail the first time, and you restart it because you learned what to do from the first try, you are already using 2 lifes… and just one left.

My annoyance comes from those speed cards where you need to drive an overtuned car, that handles terrible, at 290mph among all the traffic.
Please kids, stop doing these challenges. They are not enjoyable, or at least remove the traffic. Seriously. Or if you want traffic, make a tune with better handling…

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Started one when first appeared.
Haven’t finished it. Pointless. Y’all more patient than I. :man_facepalming:t2:

Just knowing how bad “normal” super 7 are, I haven’t even tried to start a single HS event. Besides I already have everything I want and will ever need.

Tried it again as although it is infuriating, I wanted the satisfaction of beating the final challenge. Still haven’t done it.

It doesn’t tell you the speed or distance you need to hit until the event starts, unless it’s written in the description in your own language. You are thrown in at the deep end with the timer counting down and you quickly have to get your bearings, figure out where to go and what to do. Also it ignores what units you use, so if you use MPH it will still regularly tell you to hit a certain speed in KM/H. (I had one challenge just now where the entire description considered simply of ‘YEEEEEEEEEEEEET’ whatever that means. When it started I realised it was a jump event.)

My final challenge just now was to hit 1,500 feet or so in a jump which required you to turn around at the start and drive for about 30 seconds in the wrong direction, and then start from there. I failed it each time because I didn’t go far enough in the wrong direction. The only way you will ever do these is by luck or trial and error (and you only get 3 lives).

Also the person speaking silently to your avatar is unskippable. One time just now though, it actually showed an ‘A’ to skip button, oh good! Pressed it… nothing happened! Didn’t skip.

Game design 101? What’s that?

I’m sure they’ll have made it much better by FH5…