Share you Super7 Share Codes here

I don’t think, I have seen a post, where people can submit their creations in the Super7. So I wanted to get that ball rolling.
Please include:

  • Name of the Challenge
  • Describtion of the event
  • The Car used and Class
  • The sharecode (If you don’t know the sharecode or you don’t know, how to get it, the gamertag and name of the event can be enough)

For example:

  • “Through the tubes”
  • You have to decide, which tubes to go through, to get to the finish. If you pick the wrong tube, you fail and have to restart.
  • Car used: Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS (A-Class)
  • Code: 140 843 085

Here is other one, I am proud of:

  • “Frog Hoppers”
  • Jump across the platforms to your pond (very hard)
  • Car used: Austin-Healey Sprite (A-Class)
    Code: 944 010 267

Nice idea! Being an arcade game with so many movie cars in it… someone had to do this.

Introducing the Movie Car Icons, Volume 1:

Prep Your Slide Whistle
James Bond 007 has never done this before either
1974 JB AMC Hornet X - C 600
*My favourite creation. Corkscrew jump skill-fest - this is too fun. Keep it in 2nd gear.
147 349 664

Wet Nellie, Scene 1
James Bond 007 in The Spy Who Loved Me: Car Chase
1977 JB Lotus Espirit - A 800
*Lock the steering wheel into turns instead of braking for movie tire sounds!
595 001 398

Wet Nellie, Scene 2
James Bond 007 in The Spy Who Loved Me: Can you swim?
1977 JB Lotus Espirit - A 772
*Take it slow, follow the signs, ram the sailboat, go for beach straight ahead!
390 773 333

East Bound and Down
Help Snowman Deliver the Coors From Texarkana
1977 Pontiac Trans Am - S1 811
135 108 258

Vanishing Point
Alternate Ending
1970 Dodge Challenger R/T - A 772
434 793 616

James Bond 007 in his most iconic car
1964 JB Aston Martin DB5 - B 700
145 146 073

Bullitt, The Italian Job, and Baby Driver will be next


If it uses your own tune/design add the sharecodes or maybe the name of the creator

seen some nice designs but no way to find

Show what you want
Triumph TR7 ´79
Code : 140043376

I happened to unlock the TR7 when completing your course :smiley:

Took me 6 attempts, I was distracted by the driving line to start with and fooled by the pink HORIZON banner thinking that was the finish line, LoL! 3,700 influence :+1:t5:

Fun drive, surprised I got it first go. 5,200 influence :+1:t5:

Completed 1st try but I only got it to roll properly on my last run. 200 influence :+1:t5:

“Very hard” is an understatement!! Thanks for allowing rewinds, I’d love to know if anyone could do this without them… Found it difficult enough getting past the first set of jumps but the last 3 after the platform??? It’s a great idea but way beyond my capabilities, felt like 10 mins struggling. On the plus side it gave me 5,200 influence.

6 tries, car kept dying on the ramp leaving me about 3ft short every time. Kept it in 4th, took off around 72mph, job’s a good ‘un :+1:t5: (missed the influence but it was 4 figures I think).

Enjoyed driving that car, wasn’t expecting the ramp and nearly binned it but just managed to squeak it on the line. 1,200 influence :+1:t5:



Appreciate you having a go mate :+1:t5: I’m trying to make blueprints that are a challenge but ‘doable’ :slightly_smiling_face:

I had dozens of attempts trying to set the time limit to 3 minutes exactly but just couldn’t get under 3:10s. It wasn’t until after I’d created the challenge and run it several times more that I sussed it out… the trick was to slow down a bit.

It feels counter intuitive but actually you want to minimise the amount of hang time after each jump - go slower over steep bumps, quicker over more shallow bumps - basically you just need enough speed to get your wheels off the ground to register an AIR skill then on to the next one asap.

It’s my first attempt. i’m more of a " slow tech" builder…

  • First Easy Short Tech
  • Clean Drive (30 seconds tech track with few corners. Difficulty : easy)
  • Audi rs2 (B700)
  • 245 333 989

I’m looking to make more of these. Tell me what you think. It lacks check points so very hard to avoid cuts.

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You Can’t Touch This

  • RS200
  • Clean Drive
  • 752 239 800

Stop! Hammer Time!

  • AMG Hammer Coupe
  • Clean Drive (easy)
  • 179 701 704

Too Slow!

  • Mclaren F1 GT
  • Speed Camera
  • 983 527 033

Escape Night City

  • Quadra V-Tech
  • Get to Destination
  • 160 808 561


“Roobarb’s Roos”

  • Get 20 Kangaroo skills in under 3 mins 6 secs

  • ‘72 Land Rover series III FE [S1]

  • 177 038 969

  • Design: featured in game

  • Tune: Easy Skills by AudibleJam509

  • Don’t know how easy/hard this is, only beaten it twice so far myself LoL! My quickest = 12s to go, most of the time I get around 17-19 & time out

Very hard but got it eventually.

Thanks for having a go and for the feedback :+1:t5:
I’ve since bettered my time with 20s to spare so even though it seems difficult as it is, I think that’s probably down to the fact that we don’t ever really have to perform this particular Skill combo for the Playlist?

Mine are…

1/ Angular Monumentum
Get round a raised course through tubes with a few skills, and a time limit.

2/ Joker’s Wild
Leap up onto a raised platform so that you can go round a wild course! Watch out for that tree!

3/ Bugaboo The Ladybug
Hop around the Mudkickers course, and into holes

4/ Eye Of The Tiger
Leap into the eye of the Tiger, and follow it down to the road.

5/ The Cosmic Sleigh Ride
Journey through Santa’s grotto in his sleigh before taking to the skies

6/ Down The chimney
Deliver those parcels from chimney to chimney, making your way towards the final smoke tower. You have to try to go from one to the next in a single sweep!

Each one has a themed car vinyl, and costume.


why not add the share codes for each for easier finding

I find share codes harder to remember than names, and takes time to load the game, and get them all. Plus my name AquaPainter168 gets you all of them in one go.

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Managed to complete them all.

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Hey thanks!

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