Summer #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and rewards through March 21

Starts March 14, 2019 at 7:30 a.m. Pacific (Daylight time clock change)
This is the first season of Series 7.

Next change: March 21.


Note that #Forzathon Shop prices have changed.

  • 650 FP Car: 1931 Bentley 8-Liter (1,500,00 CR in the Autoshow, Story reward)
  • 750 FP Car: 2010 Volkswagen Golf R (existing Exclusive model)
  • 150 FP Clothing: RTR Born to Fun Black tshirt (new item)
  • ??0 FP Horn: Guitar Riff
  • Wheelspins cost 40 FP & 150 FP

#FORZATHON WEEKLY CHALLENGE: [must be done in sequence to count]
Earn 200 FP from this challenge plus 20 per Daily

  • Own and drive any Abarth manufacturer car
  • Reach 125 mph in your Abarth
  • Get 9 stars from Danger Signs in your Abarth
  • Win any 2 Street Races in your Abarth

Championship: “Midnight Madness” | Batham Gate Street Scene | A800 Retro Sports Cars

  • Reward: Galaxy Sweater

Championship: “Edinburgh Muscle” | Greendale Super Sprint | B700 Classic Muscle

  • Reward: Wheelspin

Championship: “Summer Buggy Bash” | Windmill Cross Country | B700 Offroad Buggies

  • Reward: Wheelspin

The Trial Co-Op Championship: “Star-Spangled” | Cotswolds Road Rally Trail | S1 900 Modern Muscle

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

Showcase Remix: “Nine & Three Quarters” | Glenfinnan Viaduct (train)

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

Payground Games: Express North Rail Yard | A800 Retro Muscle

  • Hoonigan RS200

PR Stunt: Hilltop Vista Danger Sign | 623.4 feet

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: Calton Hill Speed Trap | 155.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: Queen’s Drive Speed Zone | 126.3 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin
    Meet the finish requirements to earn (Super) Wheelspins, CR, and/or a unique reward. To earn the Trial reward, team members must all race against Unbeatable Drivatar difficulty and win as a team against the Drivatars.


Complete all panels of a season (so they turn gold) to earn both the 50% and 100% completion rewards for that season.
Summer 50% Completion: Ford Mustang S5 (new Exclusive model)
Summer 100% Completion: Porsche 914/6 (new Exclusive model)
Series 7 50% Completion: Ferrari F50 GT
Series 7 100% Completion: Ford Capri FE (existing Exclusive model)

There are 11* panels for Summer:

  1. Weekly #Forzathon = 15%
  2. Daily #Forzathon = 7% (1% * 7)
  3. Trial = 6%
  4. Showcase Remix = 6%
  5. Seasonal Playground Games = 6%
  6. Seasonal PR Stunt #1 = 6%
  7. Seasonal PR Stunt #2 = 6%
  8. Seasonal PR Stunt #3 = 6%
  9. Seasonal Championship Event #1 = 6%
  10. Seasonal Championship Event #2 = 6%
  11. Seasonal Championship Event #3 = 6%
    Trial and Playground games must be won as a team to complete those panels. Seasonal Championships must be completed on Expert or harder difficulty to complete.
    You must complete a combination to reach 50% seasonal completion to earn the 50% Seasonal reward, which can be reached on day one through solo activity without the Daily Forzathon challenges (57% plus 1% per Daily Forzathon).

*There are two additional panels in the Summer menu: Qualifying for Online Adventure and Monthly Rivals. Doing all other panels but these two will bring your Summer total to a maximum of 76%. You may wait until a later season in the series to complete Qualifying and Monthly Rivals, at which point the Summer completion will reach 100% and the reward car will be added to your garage. Qualifying and Monthly Rivals can be completed in any season in order to reach 100% series completion.


Fortune Island events are not connected to Festival Playlist rewards.
Championship: “Ride the Storm” | South Beach Cross Country Circuit | A800 Offroad Buggies
Championship: “Fortune Teller” | Westwick Festival Circuit | A800 Retro Sports Cars
Championship: “Headland Rally” | Cliffside Scramble | B700 Classic Muscle
Trial Co-Op: “Hyped Up” | The Needle Descent | S2 998 Hypercars
PR Stunt: Festival’s Apex Speed Zone | 155.0 mph
PR Stunt: Fenholm Ruin’s Leap | 918.6 feet



again, I have prepared tunes for seasonal challenges and championchips.
Goal is to win againts expert AI and be competetive in trials and games.
Just search for tunes created by “Tato 790709”, add me as a friend or follow me.

For this moment are ready tunes for:

challenge: 17 abarth 124 spider, 16 abarth 695 biposto

trial: s1 900 modern muscle
13 dodge srt viper gts (recommended), 13 ford shelby gt500, 18 ford mustang gt, 09 chevy corvette zr1, 15 chevy corvette z06, 17 chevy camaro zl1, 18 dodge demon

cross: b700 offroad buggies
69 volkswagen baja bug, 80 volkswagen desert dingo, 11 penhall cholla, 15 alumi craft class 10, 5 polaris rzr

street: a800 retro sports cars
89 porsche 944 (recommended), 05 honda nsx-r, 03 nissan fairlady z, 02 bmw z3 m coupe, 90 mazda rx7 savanna, 00 lotus 340r

road: b700 classic muscle
70 chevy corvette zr-1, 69 dodge daytona hemi, amc javelin (recommended),65 ford mustang gt coupe, 77 pontiac firebird trans am, 79 chevy camaro z28, 69 pontiac gto, 70 dodge challenger, 68 ford mustang gt 2+2, 71 ford mustang mach 1

games: a800 retro muscle
87 buick regal, 88 chevy monte carlo, 99 dodge viper gts, 95 chevy corvette z06, 02 chevy corvette z06, 00 ford cobra, 97 pontiac firebird trans am

enjoy tunes and good luck :slight_smile:


Which Baja Bug tune should I be using? You have a few of them.

Sorry FORZA GUYS, but this is really lot of challenges to complete (Adn I also need to help my children with their accounts…). It is not normal, people live also their own lifes. Detto forzathon shop prizes …


Ok, now it’s going crazy.

@Manteo Max
First: You get the Bentley 4.5 in storymode, the 8 Litre is a 1.5 million-credits car.

But second: You said, the challengelist would be an additional way to get cars. That’s not true. You get only one car in the old way - but you the playground-games challenge for the Hoonigan RS200. All races only give you (Super-)Wheelspins.

Before the update: You got 3 cars plus/minus while driving in races. Now you have 3 cars, but you have to do the playground-win for the first one, 50% of everything for the second and 100% to get the third one. This is not an additional way to earn cars, it’s a new way including more work.

Oh, and 750 FP for a Golf …

Next thing: If have allready done several races in the next weeks and even one trial! So PG is repeating all this stuff from now on. Was this communicate before?


You are wrong on the first bit. The Bentley 4.5 Litre is a barn find. The 8-litre comes from the British Racing Story Mode, but it is also available in the Autoshow.

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“Note that #Forzathon Shop prices have increased” Ridiculous, i’m sick of this increase every damn week. It’s beyond a joke now, Forzathon events are boring and aren’t worth completing because they’re repetitive and you have to wait for a long period between events which is another reason it sucks.

650 FP Car: 1931 Bentley 8-Liter (existing Story Reward model)

Pathetic, a car you can get as a story reward being used when you could have given us the Ferrari 812 or Lamborghini Aventador 16…you know, cars people actually want.

750 FP Car: 2010 Volkswagen Golf R (existing Exclusive model)

Insane FP price for a garbage tier car.

Do you even listen to player feedback, this isn’t Destiny so quit increasing the damn grind.


The Ferrari 812 Superfast was in the Forzathon shop the second week the game was out. A lot of people either weren’t playing the game yet or hadn’t made the Horizon roster (me) in order to open up the Forzathon shop. I don’t understand why they haven’t made this car available again. Meanwhile people want 20m credits for it. It’s ridiculous.

Also agree on the '16 Aventador SV. I mean that car should just be in the autoshop at this point. That car is available in every racing game with no issues. This one they make it a rare car to obtain. It’s ridiculous.

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Ok, sorry then. I haven’t found the Bentley in the linked list and haven’t completed the storymode. My fault.

Do you want me to clear all these events?

PG is really crazy.


Well I refuse to do anything that involves multiplayer so I can say goodbye to both 100% completion rewards before we even start. I usually do the seasonal championships so I might get the other two.

Still, it seems odd that the amount of cars available to be won per season hasn’t really changed, but the busywork required to get them has increased. I love this game, but sometimes I log in on a Thursday night and feel like the developers are turning it into a chore. Once the weekly stuff is out of the way I start to relax and tinker with the game and begin to enjoy it again for the sandbox it is.

Sure I could point blank ignore the weekly stuff, but there’s sometimes interesting stuff, and I’m not a massive petrol-head, so I don’t know whether some of the cars will be enjoyable for me or not. I thought the weekly stuff would be a good thing for the game, but I’m starting to feel that it’s very much the opposite. The season change I like, but what the developers expect people to do on a time limit is really starting to become tiresome.

Having a few seasonal championships with good rewards was enough for me. Having all prizes available regardless of whether you played the events solo or PvP was great. Now things get locked behind the more niche aspects of the game that many players simply wouldn’t do if not for the prize, and don’t do when there isn’t one. It’s not encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone, it’s just creating resentment for the developers. Which is a shame as they’ve actually got the foundation of a very good game.


This is a new Exclusive model, no?

[Mod Edit - thanks for catching that, edited - MM]

If the stuff in the forzathon shop doesn’t suit you …just save your points until the next season - eventually something desirable will come around … probably :slight_smile:

PR stunts I find a challenge … speed traps too … and a bit of racing - yeah why not?
However TBH I can’t see myself doing the playground games … so it looks very unlikely I will be getting any 100% completion bonus … hey ho

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But saving points forces the price up.

TBH I don’t believe it does.

It does, they have confirmed prices are based on the average of points that people have saved.

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When questioned about the Forzathon shop price increase, the devs specifically said that they set the prices based on the average FP balance among the playerbase with no regard for how many FP a player could realistically earn in a week.

So yes, saving up points apparently is responsible for the price increase.

So screw the people that don’t have a lot of FP because they either have been using their FP or haven’t cheated to have a large amount of FP. I saw someone the other day saying they had 100,000 FP. How is that even possible without cheating?? There is no way someone has that much time on their hands.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I have several thousand FP saved up because 1), the majority of them couldn’t be used because of the previous garage limit, and 2), since they finally fixed the limit, I still rarely spend FP because I already have everything they put in the shop. Basing the prices on the player average is just insane because it doesn’t take into account WHY players have FP saved. The prices are also artificially skewed because I am certain that, just like with real money, the majority of saved FP is help by a small percentage of players.

Since FH4 was released, I have only had a couple of issues I have been complaining about, and more or less silently accept other problems as long as they don’t affect my gameplay too much. However, this new playlist is really pushing me into the “I don’t like the game so much anymore” category. I know that some things are relatively unchanged (like normal seasonal events), but I hate the idea that you can’t get 100% completion without participating in team adventure and rivals (two game modes that I rarely use). I have avoided team adventure mainly because of how long it takes just to quality (10 sessions of 5 events each = 50 races just to get in), and now it’s a requirement to get an exclusive car at the end of the month?

Oh, and get this…I just did the monthly Rivals event, and playlist requirement says “post a clean lap to complete”. Ok, did that, and guess what? Didn’t show as complete. :confused:

EDIT: Had to do the monthly Rivals event twice to get it to show…also, where did that 2019 BMW Z4 come from? It must be an upcoming release since it has a listing in the AH, but not in the autoshow.


I have 2200 FP because I own all the cars and all the clothing. The only reason i’d even use them is if something new is added. So the inflated prices dont bother me

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