Summer #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and rewards through March 21

Lakehurst Forrest Sprint doesnt count for the Abarth?

Win any 2 Street Races in your Abarth…???

Lakehurst forest sprint isnt street race.

They translate with google i guess…

German : Straßen-Rennserie would translate to English: Street-Racing-Series
German: Straßenszene to English: Streetlife.

In the german client they ask for Straßenserie…but yes,they mean Straßenszene…

Yeah it’s typical in games that translates are really bad. I use allways english even when my native langue is option because those games that force to native langue translates are so bad.

I wonder how many wont get first series 100% completion because of that buggy event

What a ridiculous set of challenges to earn a car… Sorry PG you’ve lost the plot if you think this is progress.

So much for additional ways to get cars, you’ve removed most of them from events apart from the RS200 which was here a few weeks ago.

Want a car…? You must play for hours doing lots of stuff you don’t like or don’t care about.

Seriously, the Brexit negotiations are starting to look professional compared to your utter contempt for a mixed player base.



Sorry, but this isn‘t true. I finished all 3 stunts, 2 of 3 single-player races, the Trial and the Showcase-Remix plus 1 Daily, so I have 7 of 11 golden panels and only 43%. System isn‘t working like you explained it. Oh, another bug: I got. the all seasonal races in summer-achievment, but the Buggy-race is still open.

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I own six Abarth cars. FH4 seems to disagree. It says “Not owned”. Makes the weekly challenge difficult. Any suggestions - and no, I’m not inclined to buy another.

Thank you PG, you just make me go into full-tilted mode. Give me League 20 award when I reach 10 in FFA. also, I can’t describe the amount of fun I had in a 4V5 playground game, which is none, and 30 minutes wasted. btw, why loading the car roster take longer time than before. and the bug with the skill banner is not fixed but now the PR stunt banner got the same problem.


Now Playground games is mocking the community on Social Media.


How so? If it was the pun for the announcement poster, that pun was from the players in a pollon discord. Re-reading it, can see how it can be misunderstood…

i’m trying for like an hour to win the buggy B 700 championship and it’s impossible…there’s not enough time to win the race since i start at the bottom of the grid and the AI despite being under 700 they are faster than me and i cannot catch up… what is going on here am i missing something??.. i upgraded the car with the best possible tune i could find and it didn’t help… the AI is just faster for no reason

what is going on here??


+1 same

The remix is kind of a good idea but not that much.

Arena and ranked … I just want to collect cars not to play every mode even them which are not a real racing thing. I don’t like ranked even if I’m good enough to play them. I don’t want every game to become a grind quest to fill their low population gamemode. No just no.

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I don’t know if you did it yet … I used the vw desert dingo and shared the tune [buggychamp]

I’m not using up all my FP just so the price of items in the shop will go down. If people feel their being screwed because I’m hoarding my points, that is too bad. Tough it out with those forza lives like I did


I posted the screenshot now. I guess I missed the joke as i have no idea what Discord even is.

i’m starting to think either the AI is broken or you people don’t know how to create proper race events… i mean these sprint races are way too short there’s not enough time to go from last place to first place, especially with this ridiculously overpowerd AI

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A bunch of wheel spins and an escort I already have… don’t even get me started on this 100% crap. I think I am going to be playing dirt rally 2.0


Maybe they should put stuff in there that people actually want to buy!


I won it, but just because top AI driver was bad enough in second race, 3rd race is worst i try that maybe 20 times best time i get was 2,15 while top AI driver hit 2,07 sounds balance.